One superb teacher, both suffering parents and a dead child deserve our empathy and help.

This child died today. The problem of corporate high stakes testing and its insane demands continues for all teachers, all parents and all of our children.


Parent of dying boy has to prove her son can’t take standardized test (update)

I sat next to a superb teacher, Jennifer Rose, during the showing of “Standardized” followed by the panel discussion presented by Opt-Out Orlando’s moms. We discussed the stress she encounters in her present situations of teaching and interacting with seriously ill children. She was Ethan’s teacher.

I, personally, believe that much of the stress she and other teachers experience must come from the inhumane demands made by the multi-billion dollar high stakes testing industry that is divorced from the reality of teachers, parents and children. The Orange County School Board members and the State of Florida School Board members who condone and continue this form of child abuse should be held legally accountable.

I experienced real heart break as I spoke with Jennifer Rose. As a retired teacher who dealt with many students during my 34 year career, I empathized with her, the parents and the child, Ethan. I also know that I was never capable of undergoing what Jennifer was experiencing. She has more strength than I ever had or will have. As a working mom with two children of her own, Jennifer’s personal empathy and strength is nearly incredible.

I am proud that I have spent my entire career as a teacher. I have worked with and met many teachers as dedicated, professional and loving as Jennifer is.

At this moment, I can barely control the rage that I feel toward the legislative and administrative toadies who feed the monster, the Education Industrial Complex, and its multimillionaire investors at the expense of a dying child.

View the Story of Ethan from WFTV

If one person had abused this one child, that person would be heavily fined and in jail. Until the individuals who are guilty of this form of child abuse for profit are held personally and legally responsible, the abuse and pain for all teachers, parents and children will continue.

Jennifer is rated as a teacher; her very career is contingent upon the test scores of her students. The school’s funding and rating is contingent upon the test scores of other children with other needs. State funding and federal Race to the Top money are based on these test scores. This is insanity that has become a social norm. This is an abnormal norm that must be eradicated.

Read a full account from the Washington Post HERE.

End the insanity. Child abuse for profit, even though disguised as Corporate Education Reform, must end. Billion dollar Foundations created and promote the testing/rating madness that generates immense profits from having legislators require the process, publications, testing and computer programs for their states and school boards.

Refuse testing. Wake up to the well funded and widely advertized lies of Corporate Education Reform. Refuse to be willing victims. Refuse to allow the very real abuse of teachers, parents and children.

By the way, to everyone who meets Jennifer as well as Ethan’s parents, give them hugs of shared empathy and love. They need us, and we need them.



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