Cut my throat and ask me to donate my blood to the throat cutter. Today! Now! Or… the bad guys win.

Teachers and most other people receive emails such as this daily – or even more often. It seems that the majority of the financial crises (most are related to austerity and sequestration in the wealthiest nation in the world) are created for profit, including profit for politicos.

send money

There is a bitter irony in having a branch of the same political party who is stealing the earned delayed benefits (pensions) of teachers by telling them to share-the-sacrifice to then ask them to donate to the political party’s “cause of the day.” That is hard illogic to follow, isn’t it?
OUR PARTY WILL SAVE YOU FROM THE OTHER PARTY – if you give us even more money than the other party is gouging from the other guys. But, we are still going to hurt you.


Cut my throat and ask me to donate my blood to the throat cutter. Today! Now! Or… the bad guys win.

Active and retired teachers across the nation are flooded with this insane email. Our pensions are cut because there is no money. The revenue is not there. Legislators have misappropriated the money for years – underfunding the contracted teacher to pay the political crony. At the same time, corporations have their taxes cut. Corporate tax incentives and grants are awarded to them by the hundreds of millions of dollars per state per month, week or whenever corporate CEOs speak to legislators. Then states have even less revenue.

How taxes can be cut for corporations that pay no taxes is not a mystery. Tax breaks no longer mean tax breaks. Tax breaks mean giving away middle class people’s personal tax money to corporations who then contribute to re-election campaigns for the legislators who handed the money to the corporations.

Even heavily gerrymandered states have legislators doing this. We used to call this corruption. Since lawmakers make laws, this is now legalized corruption. Legitcorruption.

States such as Illinois and Connecticut are controlled by Democrats, yet they are doing the same as Florida and Wisconsin which are controlled by Republicans. Democrapublicans.

The corporate/political movement is simple. Theft via corruption. Destroy active and retired teacher income and contracted delayed compensation (pensions). It is part of the attack on public education. There is money, huge amounts of money, to be made by destroying public education and the lives of present and past teachers.

Steal from and humiliate teachers. What sane person would wish to make a career of teaching as this happens nationwide?

Many teachers were forced pay as much as 9.4% of their gross salary and pay an additional $1,200 monthly for the state mandated family healthcare – without being allowed to pay into Social Security or Medicare. (As in Illinois.)

Destroy those teachers and cut their throats while asking them to donate their blood to the throat cutters.
There is no exaggeration in this sentence. Ask those who are being bled.

This insanity must end or public education, hope for the future and any semblance of a democratic government are destroyed. Stop pressing the lever of either or both political parties that harm us.


Please read The Party is Over by Mike Lofgren.

Please read Retirement Heist by Ellen E. Schultz.

Please read The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein.

And please especially read Reign of Error by Diane Ravitch in spite of the fact that she chose to not include the pension cuts as part of the attack on public education. The same people who are attacking public education are behind the corruption that destroys active and retired teacher pension funds.





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One Response to Cut my throat and ask me to donate my blood to the throat cutter. Today! Now! Or… the bad guys win.

  1. Hannah says:

    Yeeees… I’ve received many of these emails!!!! And you’re right… there’s just no more money left… not that I give money to anyone who asks for it…

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