The Paul Vallas Legacy: “Bridgeport systematically violated special education laws” by Jonathan Pelto

“Late last week, the Connecticut State Department of Education released a report blasting the Paul Vallas’ leadership and the Bridgeport School System because, among other violations, it ‘systematically failed to identify a number of students determined to be eligible for special education…'”

Vallas classroom“The damage done to significant number of Bridgeport’s special education students and the violation of federal and state laws that are in place to ensure special education students get the services they need and deserve, is a direct result of Paul Vallas’ policy of arrogance and deceit.”
READ JONATHAN PELTO’S FULL ARTICLE (complete with five source links) HERE.

The incredible cruelty Vallas has shown to our most vulnerable children, those with special needs, is horrendous. If a professional football player was this cruel to dogs, he would be jailed. Our children should not be abused by those we entrust them to.

What next happens to Paul Vallas who has already ruined the lives and futures of children in… Chicago – Philadelphia – New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana – Haiti – and Bridgeport, Connecticut?

Paul Vallas is endorsed by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) as his running mate as Lieutenant Governor. Read HERE. The endangerment of the future treatment of special education students in Illinois by cruel legislation was just averted when the nine member board appointed by Gov. Quinn pulled it from the agenda – after massive public outrage. Read the Chicago Sun Times article HERE.

Image versus reality. Go to the direct link to Vallas’ own highly profitable corporation. HERE.
“Cambium Learning® Group, the nation’s leading educational provider focused primarily on serving the needs of at-risk and special student populations, announced an exclusive partnership with The Vallas Group, Inc. to bring nationally known education reform leader Paul Vallas’ unique school improvement model to struggling schools across the nation.”


Image versus reality.
Several of the recent governors of Illinois, Democrat and Republican, were convicted and jailed. Gov. Quinn seems like a likely candidate. Paul Vallas also certainly seems like a great cell mate candidate.


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6 Responses to The Paul Vallas Legacy: “Bridgeport systematically violated special education laws” by Jonathan Pelto

  1. Jo Marley says:

    You mean there really is an IEP jail????

    • Ken Previti says:

      Breaking federal law regarding special education students deserves a jail term. The profits Vallas has made from his corporation should be seized; he profits from his position and decisions in his various appointed governmental jobs. We used to call that “corruption.”

  2. siglisowski says:

    Let’s not lose track of the fact that while we are being distracted by both parties while they play “Who’s the biggest asshole” we are being screwed and we must stop that.

  3. Kate SL says:

    Thank you, Mr. Siglisowski! Both parties have an equal share in the biggest asshole pool!

    • Ken Previti says:

      When given two bad choices, there is still the option of “Neither.” I am not being facetious. Our union leaders did not find or create a pro-teacher candidate. Ralph Martire was an obvious selection. Therefore, our union leaders were not leading; they were busy infighting, posing as leaders and playing CYA games while demanding solidarity of support for something or other.
      At this stage, all we can do is divide their own houses against them. I wish things were otherwise, but that is the way their Shock Doctrine works. We were sold out. Refuse to play their game.

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