Paul Vallas shares the blame for the $1.5 Billion penalty that taxpayers will have to pay

Paul Vallas shares the blame for a new $1.5 Billion penalty that taxpayers will have to pay. Also, Vallas is still causing economic damage to New Orleans and Louisiana years after leaving them in chaos – hamstrung by failing and corrupt high cost charter schools accountable to no one but the corporations who profit from them. Now, Vallas is endorsed as the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Illinois. Why?

QuinnVallas2Vallas, who was declared legally unqualified to be Bridgeport’s Superintendent of Schools by the Connecticut Supreme Court, is leaving that post to become the Lieutenant Governor candidate endorsed by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) for Quinn’s re-election.

What is the present $1.5 Billion legal penalty from the Vallas chaos in Louisiana all about?

After Hurricane Katrina, over 7,000 qualified teachers were fired and not given the chance to be rehired. Vallas was a major part of that illegal behavior.

The Federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals judge wrote the following about the $1.5 Billion ruling against the city and state: “To the contrary, the record clearly shows that the state advertised for these positions nationally and contracted with Teach for America to hire inexperienced college graduates (who) did not have teacher certification.”

Jonathan Pelto in his wonderful Connecticut-based blog explains in detail how this travesty is being exposed and ruled upon by the courts. Read his entire post, complete with sources and links, HERE.

Why did Illinois Gov. Quinn (D) name Vallas as his running mate? Vallas had recently planned to run for President of the Cook County IL Board as a Republican. His record of closing schools, firing teachers and leaving a wake of failed students and failed schools behind him is unparalleled. High stakes tests meant to fail. Money taken from public schools and paid to charter owning cronies. State after state – in charge of havoc in the midst of devastation.

Every active and retired teacher, every parent and grandparent of children in public schools has one question for Democrats.

Vallas Quinn2

What the hell is going on?



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10 Responses to Paul Vallas shares the blame for the $1.5 Billion penalty that taxpayers will have to pay

  1. sharsand2013 says:

    Boy, are we in a bind in Illinois. Quinn/Vallas or Rauner–not exactly good choices, but Rauner is a true Tea Partier–hates unions, hate the public sector, but then so do the Democratic candidates.

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