IL AFL-CIO endorses governor who cut union employee pensions – for teachers, etc. Why?

IL AFL-CIO Pres. Mike Carrigan and the Executive Board made union history by endorsing Gov. Pat Quinn (D) for re-election. Quinn and other Democratic super-majority members of the state Senate and House passed SB1 to cut union teacher and state employee pensions. In spite of opposition by most members of the Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) and the American Federation of State and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), union members’ dues money will be handed to Quinn and others who signed this horrific bill.

Carrigan 1

Why would the IL AFL-CIO endorse the governor whose decision is being brought to court by AFL-CIO unions? Why?

AFL-CIO unions are planning to take the SB1 pension pillage decision all the way to the state Supreme Court. The IL AFL-CIO endorsement of the same politicians who have enacted the bill is self-defeating. The IL AFL-CIO is part of the divide in Divide-and-Conquer.

This is not a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils; corporate backers of all the gubernatorial nominees want a piece of the pension pillage. Quinn has done more damage to unions than any other Illinois Democratic governor within memory; even imprisoned Illinois governors caused less union destruction.

Quinn laughsThis is not a pension crisis. The state legislature has quasi-legally misappropriated pension money (underfunded) for decades. Legislators simply give money away as juicy government contracts to cronies and campaign donors. Even worse, they also grant hundreds of millions of dollars annually to multinational corporations and CEOs as “tax breaks.” Corporations that pay no taxes are given tax breaks. This used to be called pension theft and political corruption.

AFL-CIO endorsements

HOWEVER – President Carrigan and the Executive Board can still redeem themselves. Show renewed strength with a unified effort.

How? Withdraw the endorsements and get all of the union members to re-learn the most vital of all union principles. SOLIDARITY.

Please contact AFL-CIO union leaders in Illinois and every state. Ask them to show leadership and solidarity by supporting ALL union members. Contact info HERE.


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One Response to IL AFL-CIO endorses governor who cut union employee pensions – for teachers, etc. Why?

  1. 2old2tch says:

    How much do we pay these clowns? What perks do they have? Perhaps it is time for them to step down and go serve their true masters. They are obviously already in their pockets.

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