Pro-Public Education? Pro-Teacher? Anti-High Stakes Testing? Huh?

How can quality public education for all be a solid part of our children’s lives? How can qualified career teachers find support and respect? How can insanely expensive and corporately profitable charters and high stakes testing be abolished? How can the rash of public school closings be ended? How can the bizarre sale of the public good for financial and political gain be eliminated?

Unfortunately, in state after state – including yours – choosing the political hack in either party no longer means anything. In Illinois for example:

Rauner candidate

Quinn candidate

Rauner logic

Quinn candidate2

Well, what about the other Republican and Democratic candidates for governor?

FB face1a

With the next set of pre-established elections that will not allow other entrants, the only choices are to elect those very, very few who truly are pro-public education. Also, vote against any and all incumbents to disrupt their gerrymandered political lock.

What is the single most difficult yet most effective way of safeguarding our children and our futures? “We must reclaim reform by running individual pro-public education candidates in our own localities.”

The Chicago Teachers Union has just established an Independent Political Organization of teachers, parents and all others who know how important quality public education for all is. They realize that this moment is crucial. Why?

“A child miseducated is a child lost.”
– John F. Kennedy

Don’t let it be your child.


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3 Responses to Pro-Public Education? Pro-Teacher? Anti-High Stakes Testing? Huh?

  1. eatingon1 says:

    Jeb Bush started all this in Florida, first. We have put up with the abuse of our children long enough after years and years and years. And now “My Boss Is An Algorithm.” Faulty, ridiculous hocus pocus crap shoot magic sauce is now firing ALL the teachers in a high poverty school in Orlando. They think we, Moms and teachers, are just too powerless- or too stupid. They think in a right to work state they will just fire all who speak up. Well, they can. But thank you Chicago which obviously has teachers with a spine. Plus, laws which allow them to have their voices heard. Stopping the Deformers is requiring a National effort.

  2. Peter says:

    Indeed. We (and, please, our unions) have got to stop supporting candidates who are disastrously wrong for public education.

  3. sharsand2013 says:

    they don’t care if those children are lost because the day they’re eighteen, they send the military to enlist them for their wars.

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