CTU’s Karen Lewis: Make your own honey to save public schools

President Karen Lewis and the Chicago Teachers Union have decided to fight back against the attacks on public education, teachers and students.

Karen Lewis

They have a resolution to fight Democrats and Republicans who along with Mayor Emanuel and his allies have supported massive school closings, drastically reduced school funding, increased racial and economic inequality throughout Chicago, advocated for mandatory minimums that will lead to increased incarceration of Black and Latino youth, privatized essential services, and balanced budgets on the backs of the most vulnerable…”

They have further resolvedthat the Chicago Teachers Union along with key allies in the progressive labor movement and amongst community organizations will launch an independent political organization (IPO) that is capable of leading strong electoral and legislative campaigns to benefit working families, our active and retired members, and our communities, and be it further…”

Yesterday, without benefit of any real CTU insider information, this blog concluded, “We must reclaim reform by running individual pro-public education candidates in our own localities.”

This is a wonderful start. Read Fred Klonsky’s blog HERE or the actual CTU pdf file here –

Yesterday, this blog made the comparison of unhealthful high fructose corn syrup versus nutritional real honey. Read it HERE.

The conclusion was for people to stop serving unhealthful high fructose corn syrup in spite of it being labeled as Democrat or Republican. Since both political parties in Chicago and all of Illinois are thoroughly owned and controlled by immensely wealthy corporate interests, people must run their own candidates to safeguard public education and all of our children.

Serving the needs of students with fully certified, well educated, and experienced teachers committed to their career goals of educating all children in a public school is essential. That is real honey, nutrients and all.

Honey combLet’s extend this healthful real honey versus unhealthful high fructose corn syrup comparison. Call Karen Lewis the Queen Bee, and and then call all of the teachers the dedicated busy bee workers. They are all dedicated to keeping a safe and healthy hive. They all provide nutritional real honey to hungry children.

Silly comparison? Yes.

Sincere hope to create positive, uncorrupted change? Yes.

We are all in this together.



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