Honey, School Reform, Democrats and Republicans

We have all been trained since youth to trust certain brands for wholesome contents. We believed in those brands out of some personal positive experiences; but as the brands remain, and contents change, many of us continue to believe and trust that old brand name.

Honey has nutrients and health benefits.
High fructose corn syrup is detrimental to our health and well being.

Honey3What happens when, as we now know for a fact, even our most trusted brands of honey are not honey but are actually high fructose corn syrup? Well, some people continue to purchase and consume the trusted brand in spite of reality. (Read about honey that isn’t honey HERE and HERE.)

In the Attack on Public Education, under the euphemistic title of Education Reform, teacher ratings, salaries and pensions are savaged, their unions are demonized, their students are labeled failures, our public schools are closed and massive amounts of education tax funding is diverted into the private profits of corporate investors in the growing Educational Industrial Complex of charters, testing, etc.

Who supports active and retired teachers? Who refuses all of the scams of high stakes testing, charters and the monetizing of students – our children?

Well, it’s not corporations. Corporations with their amoral profits-as-the-sole-purpose are high fructose corn syrup.

The Democrats and Republicans who are the minions of the edu-corporations who pay for election campaigns in gerrymandered districts are thus the trusted brand names. This means that they are no longer different kinds of nutritional public educational honey. Both Democrat and Republican legislators are merely the labels on high fructose corn syrup. They run ads claiming the benefits of their particular brand of educational honey, but they are high fructose corn syrup nonetheless.

As the terrorist attack against past, present and future teachers threaten their livelihoods, the message is clear. If anyone considers making a career of teaching, beware. You will be underpaid, have your forced savings stolen and your retirement pay plundered – by legislative decree. Both brands of high fructose corn syrup will poison you. Read Mike Klonsky HERE, Glen Brown HERE, and John Dillon HERE about active and retired teacher terrorism and the high fructose corn syrup blend of politics and brand labels in Illinois.
(For an overview of this same toxic blend outside of the education field, read about Boeing in Seattle HERE.)

No one can trust Democrats or Republicans to be the brands that will do what they used to do or to be what they used to be. Their labels are mere labels. Their motivation or purpose is money.

For the names of elected officials who endorse high stakes tests in your state, you will have to google that for yourselves. Ignore the Democrat and Republican labels. The vast numbers of articles giving proof of that in a national Google search are too overwhelming to attempt.


We must reclaim reform by running individual pro-public education candidates in our own localities. We have to get real honey from our own hives.


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