How to cause division within the IEA, the Illinois Education Association

Why are so many people prejudiced toward retired teachers specifically and retirees in general? Why are so many people prejudiced toward teachers unions specifically and unions in general?

crabby old man1Some of the prejudice is brought on by those old folks themselves who prefer the loud blather associated with old men screaming at the neighborhood kids to get off the lawn.

Which brings us to the topic of attacking those of us who justly criticize some of the actions and inactions of the present leaders of the Illinois Education Association (IEA) and Pres. Cinda Klickna. These loyal critics also offer positive suggestions for improvement.
(By the way, yesterday Klickna made a terrific open rebuttal to the teacher bashing, multimillionaire, gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner. Read HERE. Yes, Klickna also makes some terrific decisions.)

One major Rah-Rah figure in particular continues to make mass email attacks against Fred Klonsky and any others who dare to criticize and suggest improvements to Klickna and the IEA. These attacks are vicious and divisive as they claim that Fred is vicious and divisive.

What happens with these types of attacks? Chris Hedges recently wrote, “Criticisms, no matter how tepid, will be treated as acts of subversion.” Read HERE.

Rah-Rah is the self appointed Sen. McCarthy of 2014, and he’s old enough to understand this comparison. Old enough to know better is the topic today.

Reading or listening to an old Rah-Rah is as embarrassing as watching a fat old man wearing a pair of Speedos as he attempts to do a back-flip off the diving board of a local community swimming pool in an effort to show off how he used to do it in the old days. Someone needs to tell him to cover it all up and stop it.

crabby old man3Perhaps a better comparison would be watching an old geezer playing Checkers in a Chess Tournament.

It’s things like that that give the rest of retirees a bad name.

Which brings us to the topic of Rah-Rah, Klickna and IEA’s attempt (SB 2404) to give away some teacher pension benefits as “shared sacrifice.”

What was wrong about a written agreement to any cuts to a contractual agreement? Ellen Schultz explains it succinctly.


“Since a unilateral political decision to cut public pensions is definitely illegal, unions and their leaders must be part of the cast of characters. This is essential for an effective retirement heist. All future ease of theft and destruction require it.

We could convince the union that unless we reduce our retiree and employees costs we will be unable to continue to operate… thus creating significant hardship for their members. If the union didn’t agree, it would be tough to cut their benefits… So Pittman suggested a strategy he called ‘Creeping Take Aways.’ Using this approach, Varity ‘would progressively introduce minor reductions and usage controls rules into the medical benefits plan.’ These were ‘designed to be insufficient to warrant incurring the legal cost and trouble to have the benefits reinstated.’ A few years later, Varity could take an ax to the benefits, provoking the union to sue. In court, the company would say that because the union hadn’t objected to the earlier cuts, it tacitly agreed that the company had the right to cut their medical coverage unilaterally.”
– Retirement Heist by Ellen E. Schultz (pages 149-150)
Read my full blog from May 15, 2013 HERE.

Paul Krugman on July 21, 2013 stated this about all public employee pension issues: But even if the shortfall is several times as big as the initial estimate, which seems unlikely, this is just not a major national issue. Read HERE.

Shamefully, Rah-Rah knows this, but his angry blather and attacks on those (Fred Klonsky and others) who point out real problems are the poor judgment of one extremist who wants everybody to march in lock-step to any tune played by Rah-Rah’s piper. Please refocus on the legislative attacks on active and retired teachers. Focus. Get a new prescription for your mental glasses, or we will tell the youngsters to take away the keys to your car.

Everyone, please frequent Fred Klonsky’s superb blog and consider what is at stake. We are all in this together. Connect to Fred’s blog  HERE.


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4 Responses to How to cause division within the IEA, the Illinois Education Association

  1. Fred Klonsky says:

    Thank you, Ken. Keep up the fight.

  2. Jack Covey says:

    Part of this attack is gender-based. Never forget this. They’re not going after the male-dominated public employee groups such as police and firemen the way they go after the female-dominated professions such as teaching. For example, in his attacks on public employees and their unions, Scott Walker has totally left police and firemen alone.

  3. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    Thanks, Ken–you keep us well-informed–even from Florida! While I applaud Cinda for her powerful Rauner rebuttal (I also commend her for her great talking points last spring at the Reboot-Daily Herald forum at Harper College (up against Elaine Nekritz & Tom Morrison). That having been said, what’s up with this re-hiring of Jo Anderson, Arne’s boy? (Read Fred Klonsky’s blog post on this.) First Dillard endorsement (I know, I know…ANYONE but Rauner), now Jo–anti-union Duncan fluky–hired BY the IEA!!!! And, of course, NEVER forget SB 7 (no small thanks to former IEA President Ken Swanson & IEA Exec. Director Audrey Soglin). And–you probably didn’t know this–the IEA was asked for a bus(es) so that we could join the CTU & other unions down in Springfield last Wed. We were told no, given the excuse that no one down there is better than having a small group! (I’m not writing in quotes because I’m not sure this is exact–if I leave this comment, it will disappear.) Now–tell me–do any of you think that the CTU even goes small? Additionally, we could have ADDED to their numbers. Of course, many people were there
    (see Fred’s pictures), & they DID make the news (I think both papers–Sun-Times for sure, & Channel 2 news &, I think Channel 9–didn’t see more than those 2). And–remember when Lobby Day was CANCELLED two years back because “there is construction in the capitol?!”
    We were there–exactly ONE very benign area was roped off–about 3 different events were going on that day.
    As I’d comment on Fred’s blog–time to do something. For those of you who have ideas as to what, start talking to like-minded members, & let the rest of us know (I don’t ever recommend revealing too much online).
    After all, ALEC didn’t further its agenda by blabbing it all over…it crept upon us like a cancer.
    As I commented on Fred’s blog, something must be done about this–who has some good ideas as to what?

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