Corruption as Government: Public schools. High stakes testing. Jobs. Pensions. Bridges.

“It is a trick among the dishonest to offer sacrifices that are not needed, or not possible, to avoid making those that are required.”
– Ivan Goncharove, novelist and Official Government Censor in Czarist Russia during in the 1870s

That is as true today in America as it was during the period of decaying and corrupt Czarist Russia prior its dissolution and fall.

What is impacted today by the bipartisan corruption we refer to as government in our own country and age? Public schools. High stakes testing. Jobs. Pensions. Bridges – and more. The future of our children, our elders, and all of us has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans. As long as we continue to pull the lever with the party brand we believe stands for the things they used to stand for, nothing will change for the better. Corruption as government has replaced political parties.

Here are a few examples from a few states and one on a federal level. The specific corruption and legislators are merely the tip of the iceberg. Please read this with one question in mind.
Who in your own community, city or state is doing the same or similar things?

Madigan steals pensions

As he destroys the teacher and other public employee pensions by breaking the state constitution he took an oath to defend, 30 year Speaker of the House Mike Madigan (D) is under investigation for the same forms of corruption that jailed several governors in Illinois. His super-majority minions must follow his lead. His daughter is the Attorney General, and he controls who is nominated and elected as state Supreme Court judges. Who will charge, prosecute and try him for anything?

“Nothing is ever going to change until people understand the costs and harm of this and then care enough to put a stake in the ground.” Read the media account of merely one scandal Madigan is presently deeply involved with as described in the Tribune account HERE and Quincy Journal article HERE.

Why are public employees and taxpayers expected to make sacrifices that are not needed and cannot fix the revenue problems created by Madigan?
(Thanks to a wonderful retired Illinois teacher and her husband who presently live in Florida, Nan & Ed Sabourin, for sharing the Madigan information.)

ChristieThe New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) and leading potential Presidential candidate is busy throwing his appointed officials under the bus for another obvious form of corruption that hurts many adults and innocent school children on buses. (There are simply too many media links to suggest as detailed verification of his latest corruption. Google it and choose.)
The people of New Jersey are making all kinds of sacrifices to their social services and infrastructure problems. Why?

In New York, Gov. Andrew (D) Cuomo supports the repeatedly failed ideas of corporate education reform investors as he channels tax money to them. Diane Ravitch informs us of this fiasco in her superb blog HERE.
In addition, Ravitch’s chapter 12 in her 2013 best selling education book, Reign of Error, clearly states examples of when, where and why these failures occurred as education reform corporations continue to push it for their own advantage. Why sacrifice public education and continue failed policies?

Scott 1Florida, with its self-financed campaigner and multimillionaire Tea Party Gov. Rick Scott (R), refuses federal healthcare funds for its poorest families and children. Ordering people without boots to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps is insane. Keeping children hungry and sick while awarding money for charter schools to the well fed and healthy children of more affluent parents is a form of child abuse unparalleled in American history. Why sacrifice children for corporate tax gifts?
For the ex-CEO of the healthcare corporation guilty of the largest fraud in the history of Medicare, Scott’s arrogance and abuse of power deserve investigation and jail time. His previous pleading of his 5th Amendment Rights cannot protect him this time. Read the Tampa Bay Times account HERE.

Jeb Bush 3Of course politicians can graduate to the point where keeping the posture of a specific brand of political party becomes a moot point. Pick a party brand and play at being the middle-of-the-road candidate of choice. As long as the good-cop-bad-cop game is played and money flows, even Bush Dynasty benefactors can point fingers and dip into tax coffers for No Child Left Behind and its newer sequel, Race to the Top.

Hungry poorly educated children of unemployed parents? That is good for both political parties. They can continue to beg and threaten for millions of dollars of “contribute $5 to keep…” email scams. Who is sacrificing what for what? Read the CNN report HERE.

As long as massive amounts of money pour into organizations and corporations claiming education reform for profit and benefits for all of America, Jeb Bush flourishes as the poster boy for the public-private revolving door of wealth accumulation. Jeb is so wealthy that he can now afford to appear middle-of-the-road for the wealth based supporters of image versus reality.
Wall St. financiers now look to him as the Chris Christie replacement, the next Presidential candidate of choice. Read HERE.

The combination of purposeless sacrifice and political corruption must be ended. We must reclaim reform or perish.

“It is a trick among the dishonest to offer sacrifices that are not needed, or not possible, to avoid making those that are required.”
– Ivan Goncharove


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2 Responses to Corruption as Government: Public schools. High stakes testing. Jobs. Pensions. Bridges.

  1. Dienne says:

    Don’t you mean Andrew Cuomo? Mario has been gone a while now.

    Anyway, all of what you mention is being done deliberately, specifically to “prove” how bad “gubmint” is so they can hand it over to private entities because private is always better than public, doncha know? I mean, the gubmint Post Office couldn’t even deliver packages in time for Christmas, and then they sent their people out into the Polar Vortex to deliver non-urgent packages. Oh, wait, sorry, that was UPS.

    • Ken Previti says:

      My mind made a typo, if such a thing is possible. Thanks for bringing my attention to it. ANDREW Cuomo is now correctly entered.
      Yes, privatization/profitization is the goal, and all of us are being played. The privatization general plans of attack are all spelled out for us in the 2007 nonfiction best-seller by Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine. The plans were successful for 30 years prior to the books publication date. Countries all over the word saw the devastation caused by created crises, austerity and privatization. Teachers and education were always first to be attacked.
      Today, America is the target.

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