Deadly Paulus-Vallasitis bacteria continues spreading across states

The deadly bacterial disease that cripples and kills school districts as it drains their education funds is spreading again.

Today is even stranger than yesterday. The Paulus-Vallasitis bacteria which has gone from Chicago to Philadelphia to Louisiana to Haiti, to Bridgeport, Connecticut now threatens the fifth most populated state in America, Illinois.

Paul Vallas is the carrier of this avaricious disease that demands yet more money and expensive benefits – even from one of the poorest cities in all of Connecticut, Bridgeport. Ironically, this is the city that hired Vallas to help reduce the financial burdens of education funding.

Bacteria Contagious1

Today, Vallas’ demands have escalated as reported by indefatigable Connecticut blogger Jonathan Pelto.
Add that to the extra $13,000 Vallas is demanding and taxpayers are being told they need to shell out more than $20,000.”

But how much has he already collected from Bridgeport even though the State Supreme Court has officially ruled that Vallas as “not qualified” to be superintendent?
Vallas has received nearly $500,000 since he joined the district. He can’t cover his own benefits once he leaves the district? His health insurance should be extended through June as he’s campaigning for lieutenant governor of Illinois?”

Why did Vallas resign abruptly, aside from the Supreme Court ruling?
“Vallas was chosen by (Democratic) Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to serve as his Lt. Governor running mate.”

But, wait! In 2009 Vallas had announced to the media that he planned to return to Illinois to run as a Republican for Cook County Board president in 2010. This seems to bring bipartisanship to a new level of self-serving Narcissism. The Louisiana charter school leadership contract must have been too financially gratifying to leave behind. Greed conquered political advancement.

Well, what is happening now?
As the Chicago Sun Times noted in a story yesterday, rather than return to Illinois and campaign with Governor Pat Quinn (D), Vallas’ attempt to stay in Bridgeport till March 1st means that Quinn’s running-mate will have missed 16 weeks of campaigning since it was announced that he was Quinn’s choice… during that time, Vallas will have collected in excess of $72,000 from the Bridgeport School System.”

Read Jonathan Pelto’s full blog HERE.
Read the Wiki entries about Vallas’ history HERE.

What can be done about this deadly Paulus-Vallasitis bacteria of political party disloyalty, avarice and behind-the-scenes intrigue?

Bacteria3Well, for now you should at least wear a surgical mask and rubber gloves as the bacteria spreads across state lines again.

Then, active and retired teachers, along with all the public employees in each state, need to alert the voters about this infection of greed that Paul Vallas is spreading. Reclaim reform. We have to stop Paulus-Vallasitis in its tracks.


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One Response to Deadly Paulus-Vallasitis bacteria continues spreading across states

  1. Mary G. says:

    Brilliant observations. From the state that gave Lyme disease its name, Connecticut may soon become famous for offering favorable conditions in which bacteria incubate their way into total virulence. Being the insurance capital of the world may have something to do with this.

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