Paulus-Vallasitis: the deadly disease that infects public schools

Paul Vallas is not content with crippling and killing public schools. Chicago, Philadelphia, Louisiana, Haiti and Bridgeport, Connecticut have all suffered from the same deadly bacteria, Paulus-Vallasitis, that Vallas carries. As the titular head of those school systems, Vallas has been graded a Z, which is much, much lower than an F.


In Connecticut Vallas is still dinking around and extracting as much money and benefits from the public coffers as he can get with the help of his lawyers. Vallas closes schools and fires teachers for lack of education funding as he charges big bucks and ruins everything he touches.

Vallas Quinn3a Gov. Pat Quinn (D) clearly sneers at Vallas. What kind of buddies are these two? Guess.

Of course, his PR consultants are worried that by publicly exposing his naked greed, Paul may damage his chances of being elected as Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn’s lieutenant governor. The premature exposure of his avarice may cost Illinois a Democratic governorship re-election and hand the state over to a multimillionaire self-funded Tea Party supported gubernatorial candidate.

Choose between a Republican Tealiban Terrorist candidate or the Democratic Paulus-Vallasitis deadly bacteria. Wow! Bummer.

The corruption called politics-as-usual in Illinois is indeed nauseating.

From Connecticut’s blogger extraordinaire, Jonathan Pelto, comes an update of an update about Paul Vallas’ most recent political rip-off and private farewell party.

Excerpt: But then, in a tribute to the arrogance and sense of entitlement that pervades the corporate education reform industry leaders, last Friday (January 3, 2014), the Board of Education was told that an attorney representing Paul Vallas has told Bridgeport’s attorney’s that Vallas’ previous statements and resignations were not really resignations and that Vallas would be providing a letter in which he would actually announce his intention to resign effective March 1, 2014.  Vallas made clear, through his attorney, that Bridgeport and Connecticut taxpayers were on the hook for paying his $900 a day salary through March 1, 2014 and that he wanted those same taxpayers to continue to pay his health insurance premiums for four months after he left which would mean he would enjoy taxpayer funded health insurance until August 1, 2014.

Read Jonathan Pelto’s entire blog HERE.

Similar to the Polar Vortex, the greed motivated corporate education deformers are impacting everything in your state as well. Schools, taxes, greed, legalized corruption, corporate control, etc. We must actively reclaim reform or suffer the consequences.
First, Vallas must be dealt with. The voices of all active and retired teachers could become the antibacterial agents that could rid us of Paulus-Vallasitis.


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