The Curse of Paul Vallas: the Boomerang of Personal Greed

What is Paul Vallas up to? Personal greed and total disregard of the public good – as usual.

The candidate for Illinois lieutenant governor as endorsed by Gov. Pat Quinn (D) after resigning in haste and controversy from being Connecticut’s Commissioner of Education has demonstrated a level of personal greed and arrogance that is typical – typical for a man who has crippled and/or destroyed the school districts in Chicago, Philadelphia, Louisiana, Haiti and Connecticut.
Vallas insists on high stakes testing and accountability for children, teachers, schools, districts – everybody except himself. This is hypocrisy for personal profit.
Read HERE for more details.

Vallas - Duncan CPS

Jonathan Pelto details Vallas’ latest rip-off attempt in his excellent blog HERE.
“Vallas has managed to come up with one last absolutely unbelievable insult to the taxpayers of Bridgeport and Connecticut.”
It seems that Vallas merely kinda-sorta resigned and now wants to hit-up taxpayers for more money for himself. Boomerang $$$$$$$$. Taxpayer $$$$$$$$$ for himself -as advised by his lawyers and his own personal insatiable avarice. Of course he has spent his entire public life collecting his paychecks from taxpayers while closing schools for lack of public funds. Well, that figures. Paul Vallas is just that kinda-sorta guy.


Vallas pretty much fits into the Illinois/Chicago political scene. What a revolting development that is!

The great thing about the Chicago/Illinois manner of expression is clarity. The dialect is earthy and definitive. He and Pat Quinn are often referred to simply as…


With all due respect – kinda-sorta.


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4 Responses to The Curse of Paul Vallas: the Boomerang of Personal Greed

  1. Ken, please don’t insult horses!

  2. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    Also, Ken, you should send this post to Dan Mihalapoulos at The Sun-Times.
    Sure he could include this (& do even further research) in his Watchdog series.
    EVERYONE in Illinois needs to know about this, & I’m sure they don’t. (Send to Carol Marin, as well!)

  3. Pingback: Paul Vallas stops ripping off taxpayer money as he collects six-figures of Illinois political insider money and runs for the #2 spot on the gubernatorial slate of public education destroyers | Reclaim Reform

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