Who is poisoning our children and causing them to fail high stakes tests?

Who is poisoning our children and causing them to fail high stakes tests?

No, this is not a joke, satire or fictional situation. It has been going on for several years. The persons who are doing this are not being prosecuted. The persons involved are doing it for personal profit. Let’s connect the dots to a logical conclusion.

  • Lead poisoning causes brain damage in children. Even the consumption or inhalation of lead at mere dust levels causes measurable brain damage and accompanying learning disabilities.
  • The legal fiction of making corporations people (corporate personhood) allows banks to have human rights without full legal responsibility.
  • Banks need not disclose or remediate lead-based paint or other flaws – even though actual human beings who sell homes are required to do so.
  • Children are failed, teachers are fired, schools are closed, state and federal funds are denied (Common Core State Standards, Race to the Top, etc.) to communities which are devastated by the low scores of children in poor urban areas and children in middle class and affluent areas of older vintage homes.

Child with cashIn spite of many people who deny the affects of lead poisoning as they serve as “experts” in legal cases, lead paint consumption by children causes brain damage and accompanying learning disabilities. Many of the “experts” who deny this in courts of law are paid by various industries who profit by their sworn testimony. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now says there is no safe level of lead in a child’s blood.” Read the full Huffington Post article HERE.

CorporatePersonhoodWhat makes a corporation legally a person? Why? Read the definition HERE.

Bank foreclosure1Why are banks exempt from the state and federal legally required lead paint disclosure?

Banks are exempt because they have never occupied the property. Banks are not persons who lived there and can never be persons living in a home. At the very least, banks demand that buyers sign a waiver recognizing that the banks are released from responsibility for exposing the children who will live in the home from lead poisoning. Some media outlets even suggest that banks need to make profits and should not have to follow the same regulations as breathing human beings.

Honest, hard-working small investors/landlords have been ruined, put out of business, for overlooking one minor technicality with home disclosures. Banks are not held accountable for these major premeditated disclosure “exemptions.” The gross unfairness and nasty repercussions continue.

Read of the bank disclosure exemptions in the MSN Real Estate article HERE. Read HERE for the Trulia explanation and HERE for an honest realtor’s explanation.

The conclusion arrived at by simply connecting the dots is evident to all. The claims of accountability made by the Education Industrial Complex and enforced by their financially supported elected officials at the local, state and federal level are incomplete and absurd. Many of the same bank investors in the high stakes testing corporations, the charter schools, etc. are the actual “persons” who are guilty of poisoning our children for profit.

The hoax of condemning and failing students, teachers, schools and communities based on the arbitrary test scores is evident. “Accountability” as a hoax is also evident.

We must reclaim reform, or our children will continue to be physically poisoned and “corporate persons” will continue to profit and use those profits to further destroy us all for personal gain.

> Though Google searches for bank foreclosures, bank disclosure exemptions and other abuses are difficult to research in each local community, please do so and make your family, friends and neighbors aware of this legalized horror.

Please help everyone connect the dots. Share the message.

(A special thank-you goes to Joni Lindgren for telling me about her discussion with a stranger on a train as she spoke of schools and as he spoke of banks and foreclosures.)


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