The 2013 Review of the Attack on Teachers: focus on earned delayed compensation

The 2013 Attack on Teachers included the vicious slow impoverishment of elderly retired teachers. By attacking the earned delayed compensation (pensions) of active and retired teachers, the corporate led war against public education hits a terrorist level of ruthlessness. Who wishes to teach if they are assured of having their paychecks cut and plundered by corporate controlled legislators when they become old? Yes, this is The Shock Doctrine applied to teachers in state after state. Teachers, students, parents, taxpayers and the future of America are victims on the sacrificial altar of Insane Profit.

Focusing on the major attack being brought to the courts in Illinois as a legal test for the nation, Glen Brown offers an overview of the year’s events, complete with well researched sources, in his superb blog.

Retirees“Retirees are being deprived of an earned and promised benefit. They were not represented at the table when (legislators) made their agreement. They were excluded from the process that affects them. It’s ironic that it is the legislators who owe the outstanding obligations and not the public employees and retirees, and that (legislators) have decided public employees and retirees will provide (sole) consideration for the debt.”

Yes, the victims alone are now being forced to make the sacrifice of paying for the legislative fraud and theft.

By the way, this plunder will not have any significant effect on reducing state debt which is a revenue problem caused by giving billions of tax dollars to multinational corporations and the billionaires who control them.

Please read Glen’s full Year in Review blog HERE.

Please pass this along to people in your own state so they too may learn that this plunder is nationwide and needs to be stopped and brought to court in every state and at a national level.

(If you have not yet read what Pulitzer Prize winning tax reporter David Cay Johnston in Forbes magazine has written about the actual definition of delayed compensation for all, including public employees, please read it HERE.)


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