#4 on Your Hit Parade: War on Public Education, the Battle Against Teachers

AlterNet and ThinkProgress have looked back over the year and chosen nine societal abuses that are incredibly important yet generally ignored by major media. The #4 spot tells of the “Hit” against active and retired teachers along with many other public employees.

9 Incredibly Important Things That Happened In 2013 That Most People Aren’t Talking About

by Judd Legum
Here are the top issues of the year that failed to get the coverage they deserved.

Hit Parade

4. Thousands of people who worked their entire lives had their pensions stolen.
In Illinois and Michigan, thousands of working Americans had their promised pensions stolen from them, despite guarantees in their states’ constitutions that protected their benefits. Those impacted include “retirees who worked their careers as sanitation engineers and teachers, firefighters and police officers, public defenders and city clerks” — many of whom will now be thrown into poverty. As these two Midwest states appear to be getting away with it, many other localities may follow suit.

The message from the Education Industrial Complex is simple: We will crush you now and at every age.
As massive numbers of superb qualified teachers leave teaching, the connection to the #5 Hit is suggestive for the middle-aged (40-55) and the elderly.

5. More people died in America from suicide than car accidents.
While suicide is frequently associated with teenagers and the elderly, the growth has been fueled by middle-aged Americans.
Read the full article HERE.

Well, the logic is inescapable. The War on Public Education is taking a terrible toll. The brutality comes from the purchased legislators who sell themselves and their legislative votes to the highest bidder on the international market.
Thirty-year Illinois Speaker of the House Mike Madigan (D) has sold out to a Turkish multinational group of extremists – the Fethullah Gullen. Big bucks are paid to them via tax money and charters. Unknown amounts flow back from the Gullen to the legislators. Read Fred Klonsky’s report HERE.
Read a fuller account of the Gullen and their charters from the Big Education Ape HERE.

There is a quality about this occurrence that puts it into a crazy conspiracy theory or science fiction fantasy movie category. As terrible as it seems, its reality is worse.

Just in case enough money isn’t being legally stolen from people and paid to corporations, a more direct form of legislated theft is now used. The money collected as employee income taxes is kept by nine of Illinois’ large corporations. Yes, they collect and keep employee income taxes for corporate profits. Read Fred Klonsky’s blog from Crain’s about this travesty HERE.

That’s why Illinois Is Broke. It isn’t because of public education, active and retired teachers, pensions or any of the other public scapegoats. Legalized theft on a scale more massive than most people can imagine is happening in Illinois, Michigan, Florida and YOUR state.

We must reclaim reform or perish by our early suicides or the slow strangulation of middle class pensioners thrust into poverty.

644217_469586819776408_1231327938_n(And if you are old enough to remember Your Hit Parade, you are old enough to be on a pension.)


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