To Our Troops and their Children: Merry Christmas?

The hypocrisy of the U.S. Congress towards our men and women who serve or served in our Armed Forces is appalling.

Soldier and child

As our members of Congress have a comfortable Christmas with their families and constituents, they smile for the cameras and post words of comfort and joy on their webpages and newsletters.

At the same time, members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, have agreed to cut the benefits for active and retired service members via the new budget bill. In addition, the sequestration cuts to the food stamps that so many family members of the Armed Forces rely upon continue and promise to cut even deeper. This keeps their children living in poverty and suffering from poor nutrition. This in turn assures that their children will do poorly in mandated high stakes testing. Congress is actively making the children of our Armed Forces members failures.

“Merry Christmas.”
“God Bless America.”

The false words flow. The cruelty remains.

Soldier and child2

We must reclaim reform. Congress must stop the cruelty inflicted on us all.



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One Response to To Our Troops and their Children: Merry Christmas?

  1. siglisowski says:

    All the troops/soldiers are really good for are for surprise returns home to their families/kids at some public forum to drive the public into a frenzy with the purpose of building more support for our empire building.

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