Santa Claus, WMD, and the Teacher Pension Crisis

Reality: There is no Santa Claus. There were no secret, hidden weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. There is no pension crisis for teachers and public employees in any state.

Easter Bunny

In spite of Fox’s Megyn Kelly claiming that the North Pole living, flying reindeer driving, white skinned, immortal man named Santa Claus is real, he is not.


Bush - WEven ex-President George W. Bush has repeatedly admitted that there were no weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. In spite of what Ann Coulter says.


In spite of the massive propaganda to the contrary, there is no pension crisis in any state.  Read HERE.

There has been massive fraud in state after state to rationalize the ongoing attacks against public pension funds. Fraud committed for years and years by legislators to misuse earned and contracted compensation (deferred compensation). Fraud that those same lawmakers made new laws for in order to indemnify their own legal status regarding their fraud. Fraud that continues as those same legislators give away massive amounts of state money to their campaign contributors in the guise of tax breaks, grants and subsidies. Fraud that lawmakers have legalized for lawmakers only. Legislators have created a crisis while repeating John Wayne, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and a bunch of other actor heroes. “It was a tough decision, but someone’s got to do it.”

Have you ever noticed how in those movies a bunch of people are maimed and killed, but the star actor is never seriously harmed? Ever notice how obscenely wealthy these movie stars become? Well, that is what these fraud and theft committing legislators are doing.

Biss smirk1Here is the perfect example of one of these legalized theft conspirators in Illinois. Sen. Daniel Biss (D). Biss was central in passing a bill to cripple public education and teacher unions by legalized (?) theft from the pension funds of active and retired teachers. He combines his “tough decision” and arrogant distortions of reality on his own website. At one time, this contradiction of facts would have been called a lie. Today, we are all afraid to say “lie” because it implies that it was done intentionally rather than stupidly. To say “lie” might get a person sued. Therefore, please determine yourself whether Biss is a liar or just plain stupid.

The Senate Bill 1 premise: The state is broke. The pensions need to be cut to save the state from financial destruction. We fixed the problem.

Now let’s read Biss’ own double-speak.


Additionally, even if this new law is upheld by the courts, we should not pretend that it is a panacea for our state’s fiscal challenges. We spent decades creating a very troubled situation, and it would be just as impractical as it would be unethical to solve these problems by asking only our public employees and retirees to sacrifice…

These steps have been difficult and controversial, and, frankly, they have caused a great deal of pain. Nonetheless, this morning we were still facing severe fiscal challenges, and, notwithstanding the massive step we took today, we will be facing fiscal challenges tomorrow morning as well…

What happened today was not easy by any measure. It was not easy politically, it was not easy technically, and, most importantly by far, it was not easy from the point of view of fairness. Hundreds of thousands of people worked for the people of Illinois and were told they would have a certain set of pension benefits, and today’s action will change those benefits…

We must do all in our power to act as responsible stewards of the state’s budget and our public pension systems, so that today’s action becomes a step on the road to permanent fiscal stability. The public workers and retirees deserve nothing less.

Biss smirk2

Biss must be made to suffer for his hypocrisy and his betrayal of teachers and other public employees.

Wipe the smirk off of Biss’ face.

Vote for anybody or anything opposing him in the primary or regular elections. Go door to door and email to email telling what we know about Biss.


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One Response to Santa Claus, WMD, and the Teacher Pension Crisis

  1. Elma says:

    Everything was not easy except stealing our hard earned and promised pension benefits–that was easy given we have foxes guarding the chicken coop.

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