PISA, Christmas, and Truth

PISA scores have again caused an avalanche of media talking heads screaming their propaganda about whatever they have been paid to scream by the Corporate Education Industrial Complex.
Don’t believe results that omit the main factor in the numbers – poverty. Poverty with all its related deprivations.

Christmas in 1848 and the Truth will be connected, but first read what real experts are saying about the PISA scores, our children, our schools and our teachers.
Read Diane Ravitch HERE.
Read the Washington Post HERE.
Read School Finance 101 HERE.
Read G.F. Brandenberg HERE.
Watch the American Federation of Teachers’ video HERE.

A Christmas Carol published in 1843 by Charles Dickens tells the Truth about what all of these and other education experts concluded.

Ignorance and want1

“This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both… but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased.”
– The Spirit of Christmas Present speaking to Scrooge

(Ignorance is lack of a full education. Want is poverty. Some of my students thought that ignorance meant stupidity and want meant greed – wanting more, more, more. Since many of my students had been exposed only to sugary or comic film versions of Scrooge, these were reasonable assumptions for them to make.)

Lack of education and poverty. Doom for an entire society and the wealthy who control it.

In the introductory notes by Katherine Kroeber Wiley in the Barnes & Noble Classics 2004 edition, she explains the facade of education for poor children offered in 1843.
“Like the treadmill and the Poor Laws, they really were little more than an attempt to get children off the streets. Anything resembling useful education or hope was barely visible at such schools. Dickens saw clearly that, under the guise of help, impoverished children were being written off as both unsaveable undeserving, mere brutes who need to be kept from sight of the middle class and turned into docile slaves of the mills and factories.”

“Dickens is uncompromising, not only in his portrayal of the degradations of poverty, but in his assertion that these disasters, Ignorance and Want, are the creations of human beings.” She further expresses Dickens’ insights, “Prisons and workhouses are not solutions; they do not address the real problems, the creation of Ignorance and Want (by a society) – they are mere containers.”

Reality. If our present attitudes toward the polarization of wealth and the undeserving status of those who are not wealthy does not change, our American society faces doom.

Dickens knew that. You know that. Spread the word that we need to reclaim reform.

Ignorance and want5a


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2 Responses to PISA, Christmas, and Truth

  1. Richard C Maddox says:

    I checked the PISA web site to see what/how the testing is accomplished. I am astounded that all the psudo-professionals would quote the PISA model as accurate or worthy of comparison. The testing is not the same in any of the countries, nor is it comprehensive. That must be why it is considered a “survey”. The impression I have from their FAQ portion of the web site is that their “internation contractors” who design the testing, implement the testing, and certify the testing are the same people who benefit from selling the program to improve the testing. The member countries have expressed their concerns about cheating in the “school administration” survey of some high scoring countries. It floored me that any small sample of children 15 years 3 months to 16 years 2months, not grade level specific, could be touted as the ability of an entire nation of students.

  2. John Young says:

    Reblogged this on Transparent Christina.

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