The Tribune has hit a new low in its attacks against teachers.

The Tribune has hit a new low in its attacks against teachers.

The corporate media behemoth, which includes WGN along with other radio and TV outlets, has propagandized itself into appeasing the lunacy fringe fear mongers. The Tribune used the  illogical logic of the Limbaugh/Beck School of Journalism.

Chicago Tribune 2Yesterday, I posted the following: “The teachers’ pensions in Illinois are depriving starving children from food, closing preschool programs and denying medical care for babies – according to the political propaganda by corporate financed bipartisan institutes, corporate media giants, and corporate owned politicos.
This is lunacy talk. Most people see through this savage farce.” Read full blog HERE.
Some people thought I went too far.

Today an actual Tribune editorial read in part: “… money that could help educate children, care for the sick and other needs.”

Chicago Tribune 4

They went on to demand that state legislators cut teacher pensions, earned deferred compensation – necessary unnecessary cuts to help children and the sick.

Chicago Tribune 3

“The Illinois Reckoning:
Will this package reap genuine cost savings or will it commit the state to a spending ramp that continues to crowd out spending on essential state services?
With or without pension reforms, state government and many local governments face dreadful financial prospects.”
Read the full editorial HERE.

The teacher pension crisis is no pension crisis; it is a revenue crisis. The experts who examined the state’s financial crisis never claimed that pension cuts would solve the crisis. The state legislators continue to give away hundreds of millions of dollars a year to their corporate campaign donors. These lawmakers made laws to legalize their fraud.

Are their any real solutions that do not require stealing teacher pensions and forcing them into lives of slow suffering and potential poverty? Yes.

In today’s Substance News, Glen Brown again spells out the necessary steps to benefiting the state without stealing pension funds or defrauding its citizens. “Illinois’ so-called pension reform has no legal or moral justification.” Read the full article HERE.

Please tell your friends and neighbors to demand that the Illinois legislators VOTE NO on the pension cuts due for a vote on Tuesday. HERE.
Importantly, please share this information to assure that legislators pay for their betrayal of their oaths of office by destroying their chances for re-election by voting against them at the next election.

When several hundred thousand people reverse their votes or simply not vote, gerrymandering will become useless.


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One Response to The Tribune has hit a new low in its attacks against teachers.

  1. Neal says:

    The Tribune is in financial trouble!! Time for ALL public sector workers to STOP buying the Tribune!! If you have a subscription, call the editorial board to cancel and tell them why!! Help the Tribune reach the tipping point and go “Belly up”!!!! Remember the Chicago Today/American and the Dailey News!!!!!

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