Teacher Pension Fund Non-Crisis: Draconian Cuts are NOT Necessary

Please email and call Monday, Dec. 2nd, to stop the political “final solution” to cut active and retired teacher pensions by Illinois legislators. (See the bottom of this page.) Other state employees are also targeted for cuts.

The teachers’ pensions in Illinois are depriving starving children from food, closing preschool programs and denying medical care for babies – according to the political propaganda by corporate financed bipartisan institutes, corporate media giants, and corporate owned politicos.
This is lunacy talk. Most people see through this savage farce.

Dec pension attack

Unfortunately, many people have been subjected to so much fear mongering that they believe “something should be done.” Well, first we all need to listen to what the legislative leaders themselves say about this entire destructive farce-crisis.

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton (recently) said that the state’s massive public employee pension debt is not a “crisis,” but instead an issue being pushed by business-backed groups seeking lower income taxes at the expense of retiree benefits.
People really misunderstand the nature of this whole problem. Quite frankly, I don’t think you can use the word ‘crisis’ to describe it at the state level,” Cullerton said in an interview on WGN-AM radio.
Read the full Chicago Tribune article HERE.

Representative Nekritz noted that flexibility does cause her some concern, despite her support of the [pension reform] deal. “I can argue both sides of it because what we end up doing . . . is sort of digging ourselves back into the hole we’re in now by failing to make an actuarially adequate payment,” she said. “On the other hand, what you end up doing [otherwise] is having to say, ‘Well I’m going to have to cut $2 billion . . . pick your favorite program,’ and that’s not a good policy outcome either. There’s really no perfect way to do this that provides flexibility for funding other current services and make sure that the pension payment is fully funded. There’s just no way to do that.”
Read the full article by Glen Brown HERE.

Legislation2So, you see, passing a promise to fund comes with the necessary political fingers crossed. In the General Assembly’s myopic state, they cannot envision anything but the way it is: a crazy pension ramp and fixed flat revenue system. Representative Nekritz knows that too.
The amortization of the unfunded liability would pretty much create the same pain they will feel with the “pension ramp,” but it is the pain they think they know. And that pain would let them “dig the hole” again, when the time comes.
According to charts by the CTBA, the payment would fall quickly after a couple of years of amortized debt, but they will have none of that.
Read John Dillon’s full commentary HERE.

WHAT CAN WE ALL DO ABOUT IT? How can we stop the cuts?
On Monday, Dec. 2: EMAIL and/or CALL the swing vote legislators.
If you have time, contact the others.
See directly below.

Pension Conference Committee (10 Members – Swing Votes)


Elaine Nekritz (D) — 57th District — Buffalo Grove –ph #  (847) 229-5499 enekritz@repnekritz.org

Darlene Senger (R) — 41st District — Naperville –ph #  (630) 420-3008 sengerstaterep@gmail.com

Jill Tracy (R) — 94th District — Quincy – ph # (217) 223-0833  jiltracy@jiltracy.com

Arthur Turner (D) — 9th District — Chicago — ph #  773-277-4700

Mike Zalewski (D) — 23rd District — Riverside – ph # (708) 442-6500 repzalewski@gmail.com.


Daniel Biss (D) — 9th District — Skokie — ph # 847-568-1250 daniel@danielbiss.com

William Brady (R) — 44th District — Bloomington — ph #309-664-4440 billbrady@senatorbillbrady.com

Linda Holmes (D) — 42nd District — Aurora — phone # 630-801-8985  holmes@senatedem.illinois.gov

Matt Murphy (R) — 27th District — Palatine — phone #  847-776-1490 senatormattmurphy@gmail.com

Kwame Raoul (D) — 13th District — Chicago — phone # 773-363-1996 raoul@senatedem.ilga.gov

(The Democratic legislative super-majority is leading this; the legislature will attempt this Tuesday morning. Yes, the Tea Party legislation prepared by ALEC is being pushed through by Democrats in Illinois. Corporate political influence is bipartisan.)

98th Illinois General Assembly Email Addresses

repdurkin@hotmail.com; jason@jasonbarickman.org; rep@pbellock.com;repdrury@gmail.comilhouse52@gmail.comstaterepsue@gmail.com;reptabares@gmail.comstatereplarrywalshjr@gmail.com; repwelch@emanuelchriswelch.com; brauerr@housegopmail.state.il.us; rep.bost@hotmail.com; john@johncavaletto.com; stephanie.kifowit@att.net; repharris@yahoo.com; info@kayhatcher.us; mmcauliffe20@yahoo.com; moffitt@grics.net; ilhouse51@sbcglobal.net; jiltracy@jiltracy.com;repmanley@gmail.com; jimsacia@aeroinc.net; repsosnowski@gmail.com;repunes@gmail.com; pamrothd75@gmail.com; poer@housegopmail.state.il.us; bob@pritchardstaterep.com; repmorrison54@gmail.com; senator@kdillard.com; dharmon@senatedem.ilga.gov; holmes42@senatedem.illinois.gov; dvbeiser@sbcglobal.net; repjohnbradley@mychoice.net; burkedj2@ilga.gov; chapa-laviali@ilga.gov;mmadigan@hds.ilga.gov; repcurrie@sbcglobal.net; johnd@ilga.gov; davismd@ilga.gov; williamd@ilga.gov; repdeluca@sbcglobal.net; krfarnham@gmail.com; sara@staterepsara.com; flowersme@ilga.gov; lkf@ilga.gov; jack@jackfranks.org; robyn@robyngabel.com; estherg@ilga.gov; repberrios39@gmail.com; repzalewski@gmail.comdaniel@danielbiss.com; repacevedo@sbcglobal.netrepharris@yahoo.com;christine@senatorradogno.comdennisreboletti@sbcglobal.net; john@senatorcullerton.com; senatorhaine@senatedem.illinois.gov; greg@gregharris.org; naomi@naomijakobsson.com; staterepchuck67@aol.com; repjones.jones@gmail.com; langli@ilga.gov; patti76th@ivnet.com; repemily@gmail.com; ckrez37@att.net; deb@debmell.org; enekritz@repnekritz.org; rep.riley38@sbcglobal.net; staterepsoto@sbcglobal.net; rep32district@gmail.com; pverschoore@qconline.com; michaelz@ilga.gov; tom@tomcross.com; sommer@mtco.com; staterepbrown@gmail.com; repcassidy@gmail.com;repfine@gmail.comdkoehler@senatedem.ilga.gov;repderricksmith@yahoo.com;drighter@consolidated.net; dan@senatorduffy.com; repdavidleitch@gmail.com; sengerstaterep@gmail.com; mike@miketryon.com; senatorlahood@att.net; senatorsam@frontier.com; mccarter51@att.net; senatormattmurphy@gmail.com; senatorrezin@gmail.com; repdistrict3@gmail.com; info@senatordavesyverson.com;repcddavidsmeyer@gmail.com; info@timschmitz.org; rkosel@ilga.gov; mike.fortner@sbcglobal.net; rephammond@macomb.com; dwightkay112@gmail.com;

imartinez@senatedem.ilga.gov; repmitchell@earthlink.net; bphelps118@gmail.com; staterepcostello@gmail.com; kendunkin@msn.com; sandrapihos42@gmail.com; staterepevans@gmail.com; esthergolar@sbcglobal.net; repjgordon@gmail.com; dan@senatorkotowski.com; rayhanania@senatorlandek.com; lightford4@senatedem.illinois.gov; ilhouse51@sbcglobal.net; msandoval@senatedem.ilga.gov; hsteans@senatedem.ilga.gov; kellyb@ilga.gov; fred@fredcrespo.com; rep26district@gmail.com; 60thdistrict@gmail.com; staterepmussman@gmail.com; repsente@gmail.com; raoul@senatedem.ilga.gov; ann@repannwilliams.com; billbrady@senatorbillbrady.com; hutchinson@senatedem.illinois.gov; dan@rep-danbrady.com; frerichs@senatedem.illinois.gov; illinoisdistrict7@gmail.com;mnoland@senatedem.ilga.gov; karenmcconnaughay33@gmail.com; jacobs@senatedem.illinois.gov; osmondjoann@aol.com; reposmond@aol.com;johncabello@aol.comstaterephalbrook@frontier.com;repmartwick@gmail.com staterepmoylan@gmail.comrepsims34@gmail.comrepwillis77@gmail.com;senatorconnelly21@gmail.comrepehernandez@yahoo.com;pamela@pamelaalthoff.netsenatorbivins@grics.net; jclayborne@senatedem.ilga.govjcollins@senatedem.ilga.gov;wdelgado@senatedem.ilga.govgforby@senatedem.ilga.gov;mhunter@senatedem.ilga.govejones@senatedem.ilga.gov; senator@link30.orgsendavel@midwest.netjmulroe@senatedem.ilga.gov; amunoz@senatedem.ilga.govdrighter@consolidated.net;isilverstein@senatedem.ilga.govjsullivan@senatedem.ilga.gov;senatortrotter@yahoo.comdavid@davidreis.orgrobertbobrita@aol.com;waynerosenthal@consolidated.netarthurt@ilga.gov; staterepcloonen79@att.netrepsandack@gmail.comrepcmeier@gmail.com; bertinotarrant49@att.netmelinda@senatormelindabush.com;joanknight10@gmail.comilsenate29@gmail.comrepjeanneives@gmail.com;repdebconroy@gmail.comtom@tomdemmer.com;staterepharms@gmail.com; repfranhurley@gmail.com; repsmiddy@gmail.com;repwheeler64@gmail.comrepsamyingling@gmail.com;repjayhoffman@gmail.combbsty2010@gmail.com; tcullerton@senatedem.ilga.govnharris@senatedem.ilga.gov;mhastings@senatedem.ilga.govamanar@senatedem.ilga.gov;senatorpatmcguire@sbcglobal.netjimo@ilga.govls@chapinrose.net;bbriney@senatedem.ilga.govchad@rephays.com; d.o.5senvanpelt@gmail.com; info@billcunningham.com; samm@mccann-construction.comMorrisonforstatesenate@gmail.com;staterepcamilleylilly@gmail.com


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