Please help to stop the attack against active and retired teachers in Illinois.

Imagine a law written by lawmakers who are actively breaking the law while also violating their oath of office. Now, imagine that the law is meant to steal the active and/or retired teachers legally deferred compensation (pensions) in Illinois. Now, imagine that the same law will steal from nearly all state employees and retirees on Dec. 3, 2013.
It is not necessary to imagine. It is reality. The vote is scheduled.

TP1The significant issue of pension reform is its attack on public employees’ rights to constitutionally-guaranteed, earned compensation and the legislators’ obligation to safeguard those promises. An unconscionable constitutional challenge of those rights and earned benefits generates a serious threat to their secure sense of worth as citizens and creates the unfair possibility for an economic disadvantage for a particular group of people and their families. This can never be legally or morally justified.”
Read Glen Brown’s full article HERE.

The We Are One Illinois Coalition has declared this Monday (Dec. 2) as Pension Emergency Day. Teachers,public employees and their friends are strongly encouraged to email and call legislators who were specifically selected because they could potentially vote either way.
Read Todd Mertz’s message and contact list HERE.

“If we in Illinois have nearly the highest rate of required contributions historically and nearly 80% of us get no social security, how could we be the only state in the union with such a miserable funded ratio? Was it us? I don’t think so, and yet the bond companies warn Illinois to fix the problem — not screw the workers, break their oaths, and create an educational wasteland into the next century.”
Read John Dillon’s full article HERE.

The political solution ready for Tuesday’s vote is insane; it does NOT solve the financial problem. It actually worsens the state’s debt/revenue crisis under the mask of political gamesmanship.
Read Bev John’s “Pension Cliff Notes” HERE.

What is being openly and loudly proclaimed by the politicos who explain their reasons for cutting pension?
Turn up your speakers and view the 10 second Jib-Jab video below.–A?utm_campaign=URL+Copy&utm_content=tummy_poke&utm_medium=Share&utm_source=JibJab

IL House - Senate cuts

*PLEASE help by emailing and calling these select legislators.*

Pension Conference Committee (10 Members)


Elaine Nektitz (D) — 57th District — Buffalo Grove –ph #  (847) 229-5499

Darlene Senger (R) — 41st District — Naperville –ph #  (630) 420-3008

Jill Tracy (R) — 94th District — Quincy – ph # (217) 223-0833

Arthur Turner (D) — 9th District — Chicago — ph #  773-277-4700

Mike Zalewski (D) — 23rd District — Riverside – ph # (708) 442-6500


Daniel Biss (D) — 9th District — Skokie — ph # 847-568-1250

William Brady (R) — 44th District — Bloomington — ph #309-664-4440

Linda Holmes (D) — 42nd District — Aurora — phone # 630-801-8985

Matt Murphy (R) — 27th District — Palatine — phone #  847-776-1490

Kwame Raoul (D) — 13th District — Chicago — phone # 773-363-1996

(The Democratic legislative super-majority is leading this; the legislature will attempt this Tuesday morning. Yes, the Tea Party legislation prepared by ALEC is being pushed through by Democrats in Illinois. Corporate political influence is bipartisan.)

98th Illinois General Assembly Email Addresses;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


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3 Responses to Please help to stop the attack against active and retired teachers in Illinois.

  1. juan colmenares says:

    you should create a form where if a person fills it out, it would automatically reach all the politicians you are trying to reach…

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