Hey, legislators! We WILL survive. Will you?

There was a vile streak of mean-spiritedness spewed by Illinois legislators who announced on Thanksgiving Eve that active and retired teachers’ pensions will be cut immediately after Thanksgiving. Knowing that people would avert their eyes and block their ears during this period of national gratitude, cowardly predatory politicos attacked.

Many years ago my father-in-law accidentally cut his hand while carving a Thanksgiving turkey and had to be taken to the emergency room. It ruined that Thanksgiving, and we never forgot it.

What makes the Illinois Democrats who are leading this pillage think that active and retired teachers and other public employees will ever forget or forgive this?

The super blue state is severely gerrymandered; a feeling of invulnerability exists among all politicos of both parties. Hundreds of thousands of teachers, state employees, their families along with friends and neighbors will never forget this vicious Thanksgiving announcement of cuts. Painful cuts.

How can a super blue state turn red? How can voting districts turn purple? How can red districts turn Tea Party yellow? Easy.

Madigan Cullerton

When several hundred thousand people reverse their votes or simply not vote, gerrymandering will become useless.

Nearly daily, we receive snail mail and email from Democratic Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her Republican counterpart. Wasserman Schultz knows that 17 federal House seats could give the Democrats control. Republicans know that a few Senate seats could turn the tables. Tea Party candidates know that they can strong arm primary elections. They all ask for money and feet on the ground – even in gerrymandered districts. Money from people who have had their contracted incomes cut? Get serious!
Read the political requests for money HERE.

IL Quinn Madigan CullertonSince the last gubernatorial election in Illinois was won by a mere 30,000 votes, Democrats, Republicans and Tea Partiers know that they can lose immensely important elections locally and nationally. Gerrymandering security cannot survive the massive shifts caused by people betrayed by their legislators.

When several hundred thousand people reverse their votes or simply not vote, gerrymandering will become useless.

When several hundred thousand people who had their Thanksgiving ruined with the threat of painful cuts reverse their votes or simply not vote, gerrymandering will become useless.

Hey, Speaker Madigan, Pres. Cullerton and Gov. Quinn! WE will survive.
Will you?
Watch the video below, and turn your speakers up.

Read how We Are One Illinois plans to oppose you by meeting and going to face you in Springfield on Dec. 2 – the day before the pension vote. Join us HERE.

Please help to support us.
Read Todd Mertz’s full contact list as he tells you how to support all Illinois teachers, public workers and retirees with EMAILS and CALLS – HERE.


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