Happy Thanksgiving? IL Dems & Repubs collude to CUT teacher pensions.

No one wants to read about this on a Thanksgiving weekend. That is why Illinois Democrats and Republicans have agreed to cut teacher pensions today. Corporate owned legislators and politicos are like that.

Chopping block1That’s the way domestic, psychological terrorism works. Pick on those who cannot defend themselves. Choose a day when everyone wants to devote themselves, their friends and family to a time of serenity and gratitude. Then, strike ruthlessly. Make the victims examples of what will happen to those who defy the powers of political opposition. Retirees. The elderly and ill are perfect victims. They are useless, therefore slowly starving them is better than meeting their contractual agreements. The agreements are old and your billionaire re-election donors want tax kickbacks now. Hedge fund managers are like that.
(What sane person wants to become a teacher or remain a teacher who is targeted like this? The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein explains it all.)

According to the Chicago Sun Times and Capitol Fax, the four legislative leaders have struck a tentative deal on “Pension Reform”:
Three elements are
· Change to the COLA
· Defined Contribution Plan
· Adjustment to the Retirement Age
Vote is expected next week as both House and Senate will be in session on December 3, 2013.
Read Crain’s Business Report HERE.
Read or view ABC News HERE.

What is behind this present sneak attack?
Read John Dillon HERE.

Since we all refuse to stupidly sit around and become willing victims, what can we do to stop it from happening? Read Fred Klonsky HERE.

Do teachers have Constitutional protections against this attempted atrocity? Watch this straightforward and simple message from Tim Furman HERE.

Yes, these politicos are protected by their gerrymandered districts, but how safe are their governmental positions? Let them know on December 2nd. Read the We Are One Illinois plan enumerated by Glen Brown HERE.

Who are the lead legislative betrayers?

1 Madigan
1 Quinn
1 Cross


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