Vallas, Quinn and Duncan: Haiti and Illinois Vultures

Fifty schools were closed and several thousand teachers were fired in Chicago as “FAILING” schools. Who were the superintendents of those schools for 14 years prior to this decision?
Arne Duncan (2001-2009) and Paul Vallas (1995-2001).

Vallas - Duncan CPSIt staggers the mind. It is sheer insanity for these two to claim miracle cures for following their corporate education plans.

Since then, Arne Duncan has been promoted to U.S. Secretary of Education. He created Race to the Top and endorsed the private corporation CCSS, Common Core State Standards, for national prep and testing materials. New York State alone watched in awe as 70% of their students were declared as failing this corporate standard.

Paul Vallas went on to be appointed the CEO of Philadelphia schools (2002-2007) where he fired teachers, closed schools and privatized education via charters; Philadelphia schools are now declared as failing. Vallas was then appointed head of the Recovery School District of Louisiana (2007-2011) which is now declared as failing. Because Vallas was out of work for a few years from his American jobs, he got one in Haiti. President Rene Preval of Haiti gave the Inter-American Development Bank a mandate to reform the education system by creating a 5 year plan in conjunction with the Haitian National Commission and the Education Ministry. Vallas worked for the bank. In 2012 Vallas was also appointed the Superintendent of Bridgeport Public Schools in Connecticut until a Superior Court judge declared him unqualified; the State Supreme Court agreed.

Vallas QuinnThen Illinois Gov. Quinn (D) announced that Vallas would be his running mate as Lieutenant Governor in 2014. Quinn wants schools and teacher pensions “fixed”. Quinn has repeated the “Illinois Is Broke” mantra. Read wiki info HERE about Vallas.

Arne Duncan took 8 American experts with him to Haiti. Yes, Vallas was one of them. They came to the conclusion that Haiti needs to spend its education money by investing in national standardized tests and data collection. Vallas agrees. Read the Washington Post article HERE.

Arne Duncan and Paul Vallas in Haiti schoolsHaiti’s school children have no toilets and often no indoor plumbing or even walls on their classrooms, but Haiti will have to have Common Core State Standards (a private corporation) and inBloom (a private corporation) or agreed upon equivalents if they wish to receive money from the Inter-American Development Bank. That is how vulture capitalism works. Read definition HERE.

Duncan Haiti pin drop(Total silence in a classroom such as this impresses Duncan -in his own tweeted words) – and supports his oft repeated dictum that there is no need for class size requirements and all those needless teachers.)

Why would anti-union, anti-elected schools board, anti-teacher, anti-public school Vallas be named as the Democratic running mate of the anti-teacher (present and retired teachers’ pension funds are again being threatened by Gov. Quinn), anti-public school incumbent governor of Illinois? Read Jonathan Pelto HERE. Read Fred Klonsky HERE. Read NBC coverage HERE. “Vallas’ arrival only seemed to fire up opposition and determination even further among some teachers, parents and activists.”

What was successfully done to get rid of Vallas in Connecticut? Read Jonathan Pelto HERE. “The Bridgeport Board of Education race has garnered national attention and is now seen as proof that parents, teachers and public school advocates can use elections to beat back the corporate education reform industry.”

What can be done to rid Illinois of Vallas? Read Fred Klonsky HERE. “Now we have Quinn, Vallas and the Tea Party and the filing deadline for petitions a month away.”

A third party such as the Working Families Party in Connecticut needs to be formed in Illinois. Read HERE.

Not only can it be done, it must be done to save public education from the multinational corporate takeover of education for private profit, the Education Industrial Complex.

Vallas Quinn X


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13 Responses to Vallas, Quinn and Duncan: Haiti and Illinois Vultures

  1. Nicely done. It’s going up at

  2. allison33 says:

    The incredible thing is that Vallas is able to find ANY position! He’s been discredited time and again, and Duncan still takes him to Haiti as an “expert’. Haiti should RUN in the opposite direction. This is a clear announcement of where Duncan stands when it comes to our schools and teachers.

  3. Celia Oyler says:

    Thank you for your important public service. The story is breathtakingly painful. But is exactly how vulture capitalists work. Duncan is just a puppet. Vallas is a chief engineer. It was when he was in charge of CPS and made a rule that if a child scored below grade level on the Iowa that they had to be retained that I first had an inkling we were in trouble. The Iowa Test of Basic Skills manual clearly states that grade equivalency scores are not real in any way and should not be reported or used in any way to make decisions. There is, of course, nothing such as a “reading grade level.” it is an artificial construction. Vallas is one of the first of the ed deformers committed to disruptive “innovation”: he paves the way for the vulture capitalists. These people are crafty and willy and shameless. I am SO grateful to people like you who are connecting the dots and making clear to the public what is happening in public education. Thanks for your blog!

  4. sixtiessman says:

    It Isn’t Just Vulture Capitalism:
    There is more, much more than vulture capitalism going on in the firing of teachers, publicizing of international test scores for comparison to those of other countries;and high dropout and school-to-prison rates. In the USA, the education outlook of most groups are confounded with our problem with jobs and the economy and the tremendous cost of post-secondary education and the unique problems (in schools) from our past and present racist attitudes.
    We have top school reformers, like Coleman and Achieve, Inc. (who spearheaded development of the new Common Core Standards (CCS) who totally misrepresented BLS statistics on jobs to make it seem like the reason companies are leaving for foreign soil is that American College graduates can’t satisfy what manufacturing companies need (a statement he backed up by changing the definitions of BLS terms so that it seemed like 3.4 million jobs were getting lost every month — a measure that BLS does not collect). Of course, the implication for this is that it is the Public Schools’ and Teachers’ fault. But, beyond all this, the bottom line motivation is the fact that leaders of big government and New World Oder enthusiasts are all running scared at the way knowledge has spread over the internet to turn a once uninformed population into one with pockets of well-informed groups growing all over the place. Others who are ripe to be recruited because they are the children of the ‘middle class’ that was decimated by wall street and World Bank thievery over the last 15-20 years.
    Shock waves from the Egyptian Spring rolled through corporate offices and boardrooms. Suddenly people were saying “that could happen here” and the visionaries were able to sell their ‘dumbing-down Snake Oil’ reforms at the clubs where the ‘big boys’ met to discuss how they were going to divide up the world. Now, they were coming to a singular vision. The generation in school now and all those to come will have to have their heads so full of facts and learned behavior patterns that they had no room to think and conspire about how the middle class (their parents) had disappeared into the pockets of the Board-members of and investors in the Fortune 500 and of the warlords and weapons manufacturers.
    I can hear it now, as these ‘fear-mongers of the future meet in their gatherings to discuss the security of the investments they have been making in these new emerging countries representing billions of people: “Test them to death”, I thought I heard a voice say and the chant picked up: “make the children take dumb MC tests”; and another voice: “distance them from true education”, and other voices came in until a resonant voice; “make them all dumb” rolled through the crowd. “Yes, but give them HS degrees” was heard and picked up from the mezzanine where the USA representatives sat; especially those, whom, because of the racism in our country, are less likely to succeed and more likely to get involved with drugs and violent crime.
    They have already built the confinement centers all over the country to hold these thankless children. Why would they do that and order billions of bullets and equip local police with advanced weapons and training, if they were not thinking it was going to be necessary to use this force. Education Reform is just one of many steps that they are planning to keep the young and disenfranchised away from us respectful property holders.
    Just remember that it was a man of color who lead the reform movement in our country that is feeding them all these MC tests and allowing teachers to teach them strategies for getting passing grades (by guessing) and paying for all the erasers (“everyone use #3 pencils, please”) so that they all get HS diplomas. Never mind that they still won’t get decent or any jobs. He probably thought; “if they have a diploma it might keep them off the streets for a while and lessen the chances they might join up with disaffected whites who want a revolution.”
    And, thus, the testing strategy was born or reborn.
    At the same time as countries were making attempts to up the quality of their post-secondary graduates, another movement was flourishing which sought to separate out children who were not interested in pursuing academics. But, somehow, we just don’t seem to be able to put that one together. Like, what would a McDonalds’ Apprentice program look like?
    Germany, a country that already had a two-track system with one track feeding a long-establish skilled worker apprenticeship program, was one of the first large countries to join in the race to get to the top of the PISA, the international test that most countries use. The PISA 2000 results revealed that the German system was not providing equal opportunities for all and that average scores on this test were well below some of their neighbors like all five of the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, and particularly England and to a lesser degree, France. – See more at: A huge Public debate went on for a year or more in Germany and spread to many other countries. This was accompanied by renewed focus of OECD to promote changes in its 34 member countries (including the USA) and 32 Partner economies. Many of these countries are well on their way to developing Education reform movements like that being pursued in the USA. These developments are supported by the World Banks that loan monies to developing countries and who, because of that, are very much interested in stability and in making sure that the next generation of children have their learning or intellectual curiosities subdued.
    The point is that we are only one of many nations (and banks) concerned about education and the stability of next generation graduates. OECD regularly reports on similar education reform movements they are sponsoring in member countries that anyone can read on the internet.

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  7. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    I’m sorry–I meant to comment on this excellent post (in total agreement with Celia Oyler).
    The travesty of Duncan’s Haitian trip and Paul Vallas’ “work” (exactly how much money did he steal from the Haitian relief funds–er, I mean, was he paid there (to “reform” their schools? What schools?, might I add) How much food, water, shelter,clothing would his salary have provided, even if it only covered one person? This, more than anything, infuriates me almost more than the total destruction that Duncan and Vallas have wreaked upon our own American education system–the BILLIONS that are being stolen from OUR (taxpayer) money meant to go directly to our public schools–not to Pear$on and Microsoft and inBloom and whoever else can take the opportunity to steal it. The earthquake in Haiti–as Hurricane Katrina–put dollar signs in Duncan’s & Vallas’ eyes (I’m surprised that Duncan didn’t reprise his brilliant statement “Hurricane Katrina was the best thing to happen to the New Orleans education system,” tailoring it to the misery in Haiti. Oh, well, as yet another privatizer once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”
    Who needs Papa Doc & Baby Doc Duvalier around when we’ve got Duncan & Vallas? (And Moskowitz, and Millken, & Jeb Bush, and Bill Gates, ad infinitum, ad nauseum…)

  8. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    Oh–I meant to add–for those who don’t know her, Celia Oyler is a well-respected professor at Columbia Teachers College. She wrote a letter of protest (which was reprinted in a Diane Ravitch post) to Columbia over their award to Meryl Tisch, Ed. Commissioner of NYC. Tisch has been pushing the overtesting of children in NYC, as well as selling the Common Core. She has been attending meetings with State Commissioner John King at which neither of them have been answering conserned parents’ questions/comments regarding these harmful (non)educational practices. In fact, Tisch famously (&, again, you can find this in Diane Ravitch’s Blog) pooh-poohed reports that NYC children had vomited during testing, saying something like they just needed to suck it up.

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