The Non-Crisis Crisis: insane level of attack on public school teachers

If the pension crisis isn’t fixed in the Illinois pension systems via “pension reform” that hurts active and retired teachers, the separate Chicago pension systems will destroy Chicago according to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D). State Senate President John Cullerton (D) says there is no state pension system crisis. Today, the Tribune reported, “The mayor wasn’t talking specifics today, but a plan put forward by his chief Springfield ally, Senate President John Cullerton, D-Chicago, could provide an outline.”

Go ahead, read that over several times.
It makes no sense, but that is their story, and they’re all sticking to it. Do you smell a rat? Or, do you smell the stench of politically corrupted cronies?

Rahm Emanuel

Emanuel said, “Should Springfield fail to pass pension reform for Chicago soon, we will be right back here in (city) council early next year to start work on the city’s 2015 budget — a budget that will either double city property taxes or eliminate the vital services that people rely on.”


Emanuel, who recently handed over $70 million in education tax money to a private Catholic university, DePaul, to build a second basketball arena, added, “I believe I can speak for the members of this council when I say that we will not preside over a city in which garbage is not picked up, graffiti is not removed and libraries and other vital services that our residents rely on must be shut down.” Read the full Tribune article HERE.

Cullerton WGN radio

According to an earlier Tribune article, “Illinois Senate President John Cullerton said Sunday that the state’s massive public employee pension debt is not a ‘crisis,’ but instead an issue being pushed by business-backed groups seeking lower (corporate) income taxes at the expense of retiree benefits.” Read the full article HERE.

As these two powerful political bosses plot to steal earned deferred compensation (pensions) in spite if both state and federal constitutional protections, the least they could do is attempt to make sense when they speak aloud.

Yes, the ALEC written, Tea Party Republican plan is being pushed by the two most powerful Democrats in a super-majority legislative state. Yes, they are intentionally ignoring the state and federal constitutions. Yes, they are endangering the next federal elections regarding Democratic seats in the U.S. Congress. Yes, they are stealing from the elderly and union busting at the same time. Yes, they are part of the attack on public education by targeting public school teachers, young and old. Yes, they are too big to jail – for now.

These two guys are out of control and bringing everything around them down. Their corporate campaign donors who receive the special tax incentive money handed over to them by these two politicos must be very powerful, indeed.

We’d better fight back, or there will be devastation left behind with all of us gasping in the debris. Chicago still has broad shoulders, so unite and use them. Other teachers in other states are facing similar propaganda, legislation and abuse. Refuse to be willing victims.


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