Thanks, Johnny! (Admits there is no teacher pension crisis)

Dear Senate President John Cullerton,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for admitting aloud that there is NO pension crisis… (Read the full Tribune article HERE.)
Wait a minute! What am I saying?
Since 1979, before you were even Illinois Senate President (D), you voted and agreed to steal from our pensions. Theft. Took money from our pockets that we earned as deferred compensation to receive in our pension funds. Of course you quasi-legalized this plundering and gave this massive legislative theft a politically correct name – underfunding. “Underfunding.” Now, how cute is that?
With all due respect, I take back my thank-you.

Cullerton Tribune

Excerpts: Illinois Senate President John Cullerton said Sunday that the state’s massive public employee pension debt is not a “crisis,” but instead an issue being pushed by business-backed groups seeking lower (corporate) income taxes at the expense of retiree benefits.
“People really misunderstand the nature of this whole problem. Quite frankly, I don’t think you can use the word ‘crisis’ to describe it at the state level,” Cullerton said in an interview on WGN-AM radio.
“It’s something we have to deal with, but it’s not something that we’re on the verge of bankruptcy on,” Cullerton said.
Listen to Cullerton himself say it on WGN radio HERE.

Cullerton WGN radio

Underfunding is a euphemism for handing over the money to your political chums via juicy government contracts for whatever your cronies wanted a contract for. Money you were supposed to pay teachers and other public employees. You and Speaker of the House Mike Madigan (D), who has been “underfunding” us since 1971, have also shoveled over hundreds of millions of dollars per year via tax incentive giveaways to the corporate donors to your reelection campaign funds.

Even Gov. Pat Quinn (D) claims, according to his own words, that he was “put on God’s Earth” to cut teacher pensions. (Read HERE.)
The “pension crisis” is so-o-o-o great that Saint Quinn was ordained by God to heal the crisis by destroying all those greedy, heathen, public school teachers – young and old alike. That money belongs to St. Quinn’s political contributors? Everyone, except the game playing, hubris infected politicos, knows this is NOT a pension crisis. Where’s a bolt of divine-justice lightning when you need it?

(By the way, this anti-public-school-teacher Tea Party legislation is being pushed by Democrats in a state with Democratic super-majorities. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) is doing the same exact thing. YOUR state and your pension funds are undergoing similar attacks by the same corporate puppet masters who pay both party’s politicos. We must fight back.)

Read David Sirota’s In These Times article HERE.
Read Gary Cohn’s Salon article HERE.
View Matt Taibbi’s Democracy Now interview HERE.
Read David Sirota’s Salon article about one billionaire national pension plunderer HERE.

Hey, Cullerton! Why aren’t all you Illinois guys in jail?
According to a former state attorney general, Ty Fahner, you would all be in jail if you were a corporation. You and the other corruptions we call legislators (lawmakers) have made laws to exclude yourselves from true justice.

Of course Ty Fahner, who took the political/corporate revolving door to become the mouthpiece for the private Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago, is the guy who had the unmitigated gall and arrogance to admit that he and the multimillionaires in the private club called a “fix” into rating companies (Moody’s, Fitch, Standard & Poor’s) to put pressure on legislators to hit the pension funds. By lowering the bond ratings, which they did, this cost taxpayers millions of dollars in additional interest paid to the corporate bond holders. (Read HERE.) He said this aloud to the multimillionaire investors at the Union Club. Yes, multimillionaire investors. Insiders.
Why isn’t Fahner in jail?
$$$$$$$$$$ and Clout.


I changed my mind.

I sincerely thank Senate President John Cullerton for his eventual admission that there is no pension crisis. His public admission will, no doubt, be used by our attorneys when the politicos again attempt to sell us out. Everyone realizes that legislators will soon scapegoat us and pass something to hurt us in order to appeal to their corporate donors who want our money for their tax breaks. It will go to court. As we insist on our state and federal constitutional rights, we will use Cullerton’s admissions in court. Terrific!

Cullerton indirectly admitted that he lied about his plans to solve the pension crisis since he now admits there was/is NO pension crisis.

We active and retired teachers are not willing victims. We will reclaim reform as a reality, not as the faux pension crisis with its faux pension reform.

Gavel contract

Thanks again, Johnny.


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