Disney World now fingerprints everyone without their prior permission or knowledge

Data mining and fingerprints of everyone who enters Disney World has hit a new record.


Everyone who entered Epcot Center on 10/17/13 was told to “touch Mickey’s ears” with a plastic credit-card-like entry card and “touch the lit glass button” as they entered. (The people in my group were all over the age of 18, so I do not know about how younger children are dealt with.) The lit button takes everyone’s fingerprint, but we were not told about it verbally or in writing.

Everyone who stays in Disney World now gets a new ID bracelet (in photo) with all of their private information on it, including credit card info. Now, there is no need to use a credit card or cash when purchasing anything in Disney World. Just touch the bracelet and – PRESTO! – you are charged for it. It’s on your bill as you leave. $$$$$$$$. (The bracelet’s GPS-like technology also knows your exact location at all times.)


Am I positive? Of course not. When I later asked one employee, he said yes, but added that it was for our protection. Another employee told me that the bracelet/entry card/light button was being tested but he didn’t know what was actually being done with all of it.

The Disney World pages give no information, offer no prior permissions, and give no options for people who do not want fingerprints recorded or other privacy issues collected by a private corporate giant. See the Disney site page HERE.

Well, Walt is dead; that is for sure. Disney Corporation’s motto, “Where dreams come true,” needs to be changed to “Where futuristic nightmares of unwarranted surveillance come true” – especially for the innocent and uninformed.


Are there any lawyers willing to start a class action suit against this invasion of privacy by a private corporate giant?





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One Response to Disney World now fingerprints everyone without their prior permission or knowledge

  1. David says:

    Disney doesn’t actually collect your fingerprint. They collect a set of measurements.

    The biometrics rely on the fact that the odds of another individual randomly having the same set of measurements is pretty small, but it is not a fingerprint and it is not a sure identification like a fingerprint.

    The bracelets are new so I cannot give you any information about those.

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