Hold the Applause, Please! The Budget Deal: Why did schools, teachers, moms, infants, children and others get sacrificed?

“The legislation would allow teachers participating in alternative-certification programs (for example, TEACH FOR AMERICA) to be considered ‘highly qualified’ for an additional two years, through the 2015-16 school year.” Read the Education Week article HERE.

What is this doing in a “clean” budget bill? What else is hidden there?

snake headline
“But there are plenty of groups who may be fans of the provision, including Teach for America, the New Teacher Project, Chiefs for Change, the Council of the Great City Schools, and the NewSchools Venture Fund. They sent their own letter to Congress last year asking them to extend the provision.”
– Education Week

Also, the Budget Deal promise and the detailed reality are not the same.

Ryan w-budget “We’ve already essentially adopted that Ryan budget”
“The sequestration is hurting a lot of things, but in terms of the safety net the big ones are WIC — nutrition assistance for women, infants, and children, the only major nutrition program affected by the sequestration – then Head Start, and then housing assistance. It doesn’t get as much attention as Head Start, but all housing assistance is discretionary spending as well. Rental assistance, tenant-based and project-based, all of it. Those are the main ones affected.” Read the full Washington Post article HERE.

Why are citizens in the wealthiest country in the world, a country with a shrinking national debt and a successful stock market, accepting austerity (called sequestration in the USA) that is cruel and unnecessary? Pummel human beings, or any other animals, to the point of surrender and then threaten them with even more abusive treatment, and they will lick the hand of their torturer and gladly become passive and obedient. Legislators of both parties are paid by billionaires and their corporations to play “good cop – bad cop” with the public. TheShock Doctrine by Naomi Klein explains this process regarding the corporatization-privatization of a nation. It has been successful in other nations, and now America is undergoing the process with the elderly, the poor, infants and children as primary targets.

The inhumane behavior is explained by Dylan Ratigan.


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