Middle Class Children and the Hostage Takers in Corporate Education Reform

Your children are the targets for Corporate Education Reform hostage takers. This is no exaggeration or hype. Middle class children in middle class areas. “No, a generation of youngsters is being held instead by pinstriped corporate executives, buttoned-down foundation officers and the local school board officials those aristocrats buy and sell.”

High stakes testing, teacher firing, sequestration, school closings, government shutdown, corporate education reform and the profiteering of vulture capitalist philanthropists. All in the wealthiest nation in the world.


David Sirota explains how the vulture philanthropists actually work.

“This smooth-talking team of bandits is armed with billions of dollars of “charitable” – and therefore tax-subsidized – cash from both brand-name corporate behemoths and individual plutocrats like Microsoft’s Bill Gates, insurance magnate Eli Broad, media titan Michael Bloomberg, Enron billionaire John Arnold and Wal-Mart’s Walton family. With school districts refusing to adequately fund their education systems, and with a tax code boosting the plutocrats’ anti-public-school activism, this rogues gallery is now calling the shots – and demanding ransom. If a community pays the ransom by letting these distant marauders do what they want to the local school, then the perpetrators won’t purposely harm any hostages, even though their policies may inadvertently maim a bunch. But if a community defies these moguls’ wishes, then open threats against the cute little hostages commence.”

“Specifically, corporations offer cash to budget-strapped school districts, claiming they are motivated by an altruistic desire to help preserve educational services for the community. But the cash is often contingent.”

Less straightforward but equally insidious is the concurrent extortion scheme run by politically motivated foundations. More interested in making local schools petri dishes for their half-baked ‘free market’ experiments and their ideological crusades against unions, these foundations masquerade as apolitical charities, while using their vast tax-subsidized resources to strengthen the already outsized political power of their namesake benefactors.”

You know this is true. Read the full nsfwcorp article, “Hostage-Taking in the Classroom,” HERE for more details. Pass this along to your friends and neighbors. They need to know.

Hostage hands


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2 Responses to Middle Class Children and the Hostage Takers in Corporate Education Reform

  1. Cindy Walsh says:

    You should make a meme from this photo mantage surrounding the article!

    Thank you for this website and the articles that shout out against corporatization of public education. Please make sure to include universities as well as K-12—they are both under siege!!

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