Tele-Town Hall with Diane Ravitch: Wednesday, Oct. 16th at 8:00 pm EDT

Tele-Town Hall with Diane Ravitch: Wednesday, Oct. 16th at 8:00 pm EDT


In September a group of about a hundred bloggers was invited to a tele-conference conversation with Diane Ravitch. Earlier, we had all been asked to write and blog our own book reviews of her new book, Reign of Error. Our reviews had yet to be blogged. (We were, of course, free to write whatever we believed of her book.) Never having experienced anything like this before, the directness, openness and raw sincerity of it all was quite astounding to me. Imagine “Data Meets Empathy.”

Diane herself spoke about the educational issues that we all grapple with. I knew that what we were doing that day was special and unique. I was glad to be part of it all.

If this coming Tele-Town Hall is as revealing as that September tele-conference was, please make certain that you take part in it. Be part of the discussion. No spin-doctors, TV personalities with careers to sharpen, or uncivil pundits will be part of it. Sign-up for the limited cyber-space available to whatever technology the Action Network has to offer.
Sign-up HERE.
Please RSVP by Saturday, October 12.

reign of error


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