Teachers and public schools are under attack worldwide. Really?

Teachers in every American city, county and state tell of being in the front lines of the attacks on public schools and public school teachers.

They are correct, and they are wrong. Unlike the bubble tests teachers are forced to administer, real issues are complex and require fuller explanations that support the reasoning behind the answer.


Reasoning: Teachers in the front lines see the gross unfairness of “no excuses” foisted upon their students who are expected to function like data machines regardless of realities such as hunger, illness, disabilities and stress – lots of stress. Teachers see the theft (underfunding) from public schools as politicians hand hundreds of millions of dollars to the corporate interests who donate to the reelection campaigns of those same politicians. Tax incentives, juicy government contracts for corporate charters, insane amounts handed to testing companies for high stakes tests that cannot be examined by students, parents, teachers or administrators who are not even allowed to question the politically determined failure rates, and the debasement of teachers as scapegoats.

Reasoning: It is not happening in their districts or even in America alone. Teachers in the front lines worldwide are under attack, not merely in one American city, county or state. The corporate takeover is being run by billionaire venture (vulture) philanthropists and their interlocking multinational mega-corporations who are ravaging educational tax support as mere profits for themselves. It is no accident that tax testing money is going oversees: Pearson is British, Gem Academy is the Sultanate of Oman, and even Language Arts (English) test reader/graders are from India. Read HERE. These profiteers are attacking salaries, pensions for active and retired teachers, job security, teacher evaluation systems, due process for hiring and firing, teacher qualifications and certification, and more.

Teacher strikes

Were are major teacher rallies, protests and strikes happening NOW?

THE U.K. – Read HERE and HERE and HERE.
Go ahead; Google other countries for a surprise.
(By the way, the photo at the top is from Illinois and the photo above is from the U.K.)

The battles are being forced upon teachers worldwide. Parents need to know and become updated and involved. Children have only the protection of their teachers and their parents to the inhumane monetizing of their futures by corporate profiteers.
We must fight back, or our teachers, schools, parents and children will lose.

* Illinois teachers, both active and retired, have been fighting the unnecessary pillaging of their pensions for three years. (See Glen Brown’s superb blog HERE.) Their enemy? The super-majority Democrats who are enacting the same ALEC written legislation the Tea Party Republican legislatures enacted in Wisconsin, Florida and elsewhere. Greed and corruption have no political party affiliation in any country – as evidenced in several of the above source (link) articles.



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