Thug Governor refuses to grant corporate tax giveaways to billionaires who donate to other reelection campaigns

Imagine a thug governor who demands that legislators cut earned teacher pensions or he will pull the trigger on the legislators’ billionaire donors. He will stop the multimillion dollar tax giveaways the donors are routinely given.

Quinn bang

Imagine a nut politico who states that he is “put on God’s Earth” to cut teacher pensions.

Imagine that he demands that legislators break their oaths to uphold both the state and federal constitutional protections of the teacher pensions.

Imagine that they all lie when they say that pension cuts will save the state from bankruptcy, doom , death and destruction.

Imagine he is the Democratic governor of the bluest of Democratic states, Illinois. The super-majority Senate is Democratic. The super-majority House is Democratic. The ideology is pure ALEC/Tea Party Republican and corporate to the bones.

No need to imagine.

The attacks on public education have a major battle plan to financially break active and retired teachers by any means possible. Yes, it’s also coming to your state. Read HERE.

Hypocrisy and corruption have no party affiliation when greed leads the attack.

Quinn bang1

Here are sources for all of the above information.


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3 Responses to Thug Governor refuses to grant corporate tax giveaways to billionaires who donate to other reelection campaigns

  1. Donna Tomasko says:

    This wing nut is destined to go straight to hell.

  2. Kevin, it seems we are among those who are collectively revealing the educational battlefield… a surprise attack warning was issued by radicals in the 1980s but… I didn’t see the corporate piece… Now we are surrounded… but the “we” is very very large although somewhat sleepy, and the “them” numbers are few….. Thank you for your dedication. So why did you ask me about school choice?

  3. Ken Previti says:

    Thanks for your comment. I didn’t ask you about school choice, however I agree with Diane Ravitch’s comments regarding the absurdity of school choice as defined by today’s school deformers. School choice does not mean today what it meant a few years ago. She addresses the issue on page 313 in Reign of Error.
    – Ken

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