Attack on Public Education: Crush Teachers (active and retired)

Paying hundreds of millions of public education tax dollars to create high stakes tests guaranteed to fail over 50% of students has become an obvious abusive tactic in the corporate attack against public education. Corporate education reform is the euphemism, along with public-private partnerships, for this obscene profiteering at taxpayers’ expense as children suffer and their parents are shocked and awed by the whole process.


Along with screaming “union thugs” at teachers via the nationwide corporate owned media, a more focused attack against active and retired teachers is in high gear. By openly stealing, with the aid of paid legislators, from active and retired teachers the prospect of the diminishing destruction of teacher income has become a reality. Aside from the obvious profit made by plundering state pension systems, there is another battle occurring within the attack.

What sane twenty-somethings would want to make educating children a lifetime career? That is the aim of education deformers. Potential teachers are being assured that their own college debt will remain unrepayable, and their income will be lower than ever, and in some places it will be below a living wage.*

Read Salon Magazine reporter David Sirota’s article revealing the purchasing of influence from the once venerable Pew Trusts, “Exposed: Enron billionaire’s diabolical plot to loot workers’ pensions.” Read HERE.
(Thanks to the incredible Fred Klonsky for his blog HERE.)


Read more from Rolling Stone HERE.

Read an even more recent update showing the complicity of both political parties regarding the intentional defunding and dismantling processes of public education for the personal profits of a few private investors. From Rolling Stone HERE.

Read of how the right-wing extremist Ayn Rand’s ideology is being followed by Tea Party, Republican and Democratic politicos who have been purchased for the purpose of dismantling public education by destroying teachers and their pensions. View and/or read DemocracyNow’s Amy Goodman interview with Matt Tabbei HERE.

It is important to know that, even if your state is not specifically mentioned in these articles, your state is or will be targeted and “unique” sets of problems will be spouted – the same as they are in other states.


The finest pension watchdog bloggers in Illinois, Glen Brown and John Dillon, expose Democratic Gov. Quinn (self proclaimed as put on earth by God to kill teacher pensions) with his super-majority Democratic Senate Pres. John Cullerton and Democratic House Speaker Mike Madigan as they plot to violate the state and national constitutions in order to destroy today’s pensions for teachers and other public employees. How? Threaten to stop payoffs (tax breaks and special tax money grants) to multinational mega-corporations and their billionaire investors. Yes, threaten to interrupt the bribery/kickback/payola if pensions are not cut and diminished. Now, how bizarre is that? This used to be called corruption before the process was legalized by these same politocos.

Madigan Cullerton Quinn

Read Glen Brown HERE.
Read John Dillon HERE.
Read the uber-Republican Chicago Tribune HERE.

In case this systematic destruction seems very much like what is happening with the government shutdown as certain billionaires flourish while everyone else is hurt to varying degrees from mild to severe, there is a reason. The plutocrats are plutocrating. Read David Korn’s ten point article in Mother Jones HERE.

Punishing parents and children while financially damaging active and retired teachers is all part of the attack on public education. We are all in this together against the wealthiest plutocrats and their paid legislative and media stooges ever assembled in America. We must fight together rather than allow them to divide and conquer us.

Organize, unite, and fight back. Become involved to whatever degree possible at a local level.

*In addition to wages lower than baristas receive, teachers are forced by law to contribute to a state pension system for money they are told they will never receive as true pensions. (In Illinois, teachers pay 9.4% of their gross income to the system which excludes them from earning credit in Social Security or Medicare. Mandated state healthcare is extra and costs approximately $14,000 per year for a married couple -not counting co-pays and fees. Average annual teacher salary in Illinois is about $40,000 before taxes. Female teachers average less. Average teacher pensions in Illinois are about $32,000 before taxes. Female retirees average less. They must pay into the state healthcare system since many are not eligible for Social Security or Medicare.)



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