Children are going without food or education. In Somalia, Syria and the USA.

Children are going without food or education. In Somalia, Syria and the USA. Yes, the USA. Now. Today and tomorrow and… Sequestration is another name for unnecessary austerity. Closing down the government is destructive for all Americans. Why are media headlines repeating the propaganda and political infighting as our children are denied food and education?


Since the sequestration began, over 57,000 children have been denied Head Start education. In addition over 3,200 children have lost it since the government shut down began. Read the Think Progress article HERE.

stossel close more

In Arkansas alone, 85,000 people, many of whom are infants and children, are losing nutritional assistance (food) -in spite of Bill Kristol’s media assurances that the government shut down isn’t hurting anybody. What is the reality? “The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) will not issue new payments to states, meaning that any state that has already spent all its federal food assistance money will be without recourse.” No food. Read and view Kristol’s barefaced lies HERE.
John Stossel adds to the Fox News insanity that the government shutdown is a good thing. Good?  Read and view the Raw Story HERE.

Fox Truth

How does Fox News get away with blatant lies and propaganda? Let Roger Ailes, president of Fox News, explain it in his own words. “The truth is whatever people will believe.”

Remember that our school children are hungry and lacking in educational access not only because of the Tea Party extremists and Republican accessories to this national shame and cruelty. As Kevin Drum reports in Mother Jones, Democrats have already caved in to agreeing that when the government is eventually re-opened, it will be re-opened at sequestration levels. No, there was no pressure or demand from any Republicans for this. It is not a compromise. It is merely legislators serving the corporate entities that “donate” to them.  Read it HERE.

Handing billions of tax dollars to multinational mega-corporations that sell high stakes tests that were made to fail over 50% of students is highly profitable and destructive. Closing public schools and paying even more tax dollars to private investors in charter schools is not a public-private partnership. Buying 3 year lifespan laptops with 30 year bond money for students is legalized theft. It is greed and obeisance to hedge fund managers.

This corruption will end only when people expose it for what it is and demand that we no longer force our children to suffer from hunger and lack of access to education.  Why are public schools and teachers blamed for the poor test scores of children denied food and access to education? It’s a scam – a horrible scam that should not be tolerated by any Americans.

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