Close down our most vulnerable children’s futures as the NYSE flourishes. Why?

The Stock Market is flourishing as the government is shut down. Flourishing.

NYSE 10-1-13 headline pmNYSE 10-1-13 at 1230 pm

All of the “Government Is Broke” wailing is the dictated script of the Kabuki Theater of Absurd Greed. All of the scapegoats at a local, state and federal level are lined up as the usual suspects. But hold on! Don’t blame students, test scores, schools, teachers, unions, pensions for closing down the government.


The hirelings (elected legislators) of billionaire investors and hedge fund managers are assuring obscene profits at a level that is nearly unimaginable for most people. Think of all the bond ratings and how they will now command higher interest rates. The stock market plays its own disaster capitalism games. The mythical “free market” is rigged yet again. Look up today’s New York Stock Exchange figures HERE.

The SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission, isn’t regulating what these vulture capitalists are doing. That’s right, it has been shut down sufficiently to do nothing unless a severe emergency occurs. If looting and pillaging occurs now, well no new or additional investigation can happen. The New York Stock Exchange itself explains it all right HERE.

Closing the government down for the profit of the few (in particular, bond and stock investment fund managers along with their investment corporations) is this moment’s major scam. Legislators are doing what they have been “donored” to do. The Supreme Court saw to that with their Citizens United decision. Money is free speech; corporations are people.


Representatives represent their own re-election.


It isn’t even necessary to close down the government for long in order to do real damage to the American people while enriching the hedge fund managers and investment companies who thrive on crisis economics.

shut down

Close National Parks to Americans; keep them open for drilling and mining for multinational mega-corporations. We used to call that corruption. Now we call it public-private partnerships. British Petroleum, BP, is untouched and even tax subsidized, but our most vulnerable children go hungry in and out of school.

Head Start programs are closing. Read HERE.
Pay insanely high prices for high stakes testing of children forced to go hungry? Why?

Tens of thousands of pre-school and school age children nationwide are going hungry at this moment. The WIC program is shut down in various stages in state after state. (WIC – Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children) As Los Angeles alone spends over a billion dollars with a juicy government contract to buy iPads for students who cannot afford and do not have eye-care or needed glasses, children by the thousands also go hungry. Read HERE and HERE.

Finally, please understand that the entire Kabuki routine is meant to distract and mislead us all. When plutocrats buy legislators, bipartisan purchases are essential. Democrats have already sold us out with this shutdown, in particular regarding education. Kevin Drum notes that Democrats have “just flatly given in to Republican demands to continue funding at sequester levels” no argument, no compromise. So when this episode is over, it isn’t over. Plutocrats want this stuff, therefore Kabuki actors recite their lines carefully – as directed. Read HERE.

child hungry3



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2 Responses to Close down our most vulnerable children’s futures as the NYSE flourishes. Why?

  1. Dienne says:

    Please don’t insult vultures by comparing capitalists to them. Vultures serve a very useful function by eating the remains of recently dead animals and, on occasion, killing those who are very old, sick and likely to die soon. Capitalists are closer to predators who want to kill the youngest and healthiest animals they can get to get the most and best meat. But even predators don’t kill more than they need. Only sociopaths do that.

  2. M MacKay says:

    Ken Previti- a most excellent piece! Thank you!

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