Closing Down the Government – for Profit: Part 2, Public Pensions, Teachers, and Healthcare

The legalized legislative scams allowed by purchased legislators threaten teachers, children, widows, the disabled and the elderly. It isn’t even necessary to totally close down the government in order to do real damage to them while enriching the hedge fund managers and investment companies who thrive on crisis economics.

Warren truth

Pensions are simply deferred compensation; every CEO collects deferred compensation. Why is stealing this from active and retired teachers in addition to other public employees OK when it is declared as un-American to do it to CEOs? Because legislators are doing the stealing and that money is being eaten up by investment managers along with many of the same CEOs and their corporations. That’s what these legislators have been “donored” to do – steal from public employees in the name of tax-saving shared-sacrifice and hand it to their money grubber investors. Read a Truth-Out article HERE and a previous blog HERE.

Even when it requires breaking the oath of office they were elected to, the oath to protect the US and state constitutions, legislators willingly steal from the elderly who are, by law, the recipients of their own pensions. Read two Glen Brown blogs HERE and HERE.

Pension targets

Pension plundering and fixing the market? Ty Fahner, ex-attorney general in Illinois and an official of the Civic Committee of the private Commercial Club of Chicago admits aloud to the wealthy investor members and cameras at the private Union League Club of Chicago tells how he did it. He tells how he and his billionaire CCCCC buddies contacted the rating companies, Moody’s, Fitch and Standard and Poor’s to lower the bond ratings because of pensions – and they did. (Fahner said a day later that he didn’t really mean what he said. He still isn’t in jail.
Watch and read Patricia Herrmann’s account HERE.


On the national level, federal level legislators are doing the same thing at a higher level for bigger stakes. A few days ago this immense public pension plunder was revealed. Read the insane level of fixed-game fraud and theft HERE in a Salon article telling how the venerable Pew Trusts sold out to billionaire pressures.

Yes, the “free market” is being rigged, again.


How can the best teachers be hired and retained if they are financially abused? Low salaries, little or no academic freedom or even protection from being fired without due process. Scapegoats for political purposes in order to close public schools and open expensive corporate charter schools. Will the finest people who are career oriented teachers be willing victims and work for those who abuse them? Of course not.

Ted Cruz

Even the consummate actor and front-man for closing down the country and stopping Americans from even having access to healthcare, Rep. Ted Cruz, is wallowing in exactly what he chooses to deny us. His wife is a Wall St. executive and regional head of a division of Goldman Sachs. The annual value of her healthcare program as compensation is $40,000. Yes, part of her annual compensation, compensation that he benefits from, is a $40,000 annual healthcare program. Read the Daily Kos article HERE.

Which gets us back to: Close down the government? School systems are not broke. Pension systems are not broke. Healthcare is not broke. The USA is not broke. They are all being broken in order to profit the very, very few.
Read the Reuters expose of federal collusion HERE.

As long as we continue to play their game and listen to their propaganda, we lose. So, stop playing their game. Refuse high stakes testing. Go to school board meetings with documentation in hand to expose the private-public partnership scams. Stop closing public schools and paying tax money to the private investors in charter schools. Active and retired public employees must become visible and vocal to take back control of their own pensions. Insist on healthcare for all. Let all legislators know that we are aware of what they are doing and put the lie to the “We are broke” mantra as billions of dollars are being given away to the extremely wealthy. Prosecute and sue those officials and their cronies for fraud and theft.

Most importantly, find or become a candidate to oppose the gerrymandered political class that has arisen amongst us. We need to get rid of those legislators who threaten children, widows, the disabled and the elderly.


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    Wow! Thanks too.

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