Closing Down the Government – for Profit: Part 1, Schools and Testing

Close down the government? School systems are not broke. Pension systems are not broke. Healthcare is not broke. The USA is not broke. They are all being broken in order to profit the very, very few.

The legalized scams allowed by purchased legislators threaten children, widows, the disabled and the elderly. Needless to say, they are not doing middle class taxpayers a hell of a lot of good either. Wrapping themselves in the flag and creating mantras to a near-religious covenant of austerity-sequestration-shared sacrifice for all but their super wealthy donors and themselves, the legislative leadership is NOT dysfunctional. Legislators are making the super wealthy super wealthier at the expense of us. All of us.

Closing the government down for the profit of the few (in particular, bond and stock investment fund managers along with their investment corporations) is this moment’s major scam. Read the Reuters report HERE.

Yes, the “free market” is being rigged, again.


Cantor smirk

Expensive high stakes testing is taking a horrific toll on children, their families, teachers, other educators, schools, school districts and the economies of all things attached to them. But, it is mostly the children who suffer. How? Read Kickstart info and view HERE.


Charter schools have been derailed from their original intent and have become instruments of tax theft for big investors. Closing public schools to save public schools is a hoax. Taking our tax money to profit charter owners is now promoted as modern American education reform. Even the tony, 9 story Gem Academy blessed by Rahm Emanuel’s additional tax benefits in downtown Chicago (where 50 schools were closed for supposed lack of funds) is owned by the Sultanate of Omam company based in Dubai. Chicago tax money for Chicago schools paid as profit to the Sultanate of Omam? And they also get to charge $30K tuition? Yes, read it the Chicago Grid report HERE. Public-private partnershipillage.

Sultanate of Omam

As long as we continue to play their game and listen to their propaganda, we lose. So, stop playing their game. Refuse high stakes testing. Go to school board meetings with documentation in hand to expose the private-public partnership scams. Stop closing public schools and paying tax money to the private investors in charter schools.

Active and retired public employees must become visible and vocal to take back control of their own pensions. Insist on healthcare for all. Let all legislators know that we are aware of what they are doing and put the lie to the “We are broke” mantra as billions of dollars are being given away to the extremely wealthy. Prosecute and sue those officials and their cronies for fraud and theft.

Most importantly, find or become a candidate to oppose the gerrymandered political class that has arisen amongst us. We need to get rid of those legislators who threaten children, widows, the disabled and the elderly.

Rahm pays

(Tomorrow: Closing Down the Government – for Profit: Part 2, Public Pensions and Healthcare)


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