30 Year Education Bonds for 3 Year Technology = $$$$$$$$ Millions

Legislative austerity? Smart spending for education? Schools are underfunded, so real caution is needed to excel in the 21st Century. Creating government 30 year, and shorter, bonds for millions and millions of dollars. Using the money to buy technology guaranteed to last up to 3 years. Really?

Ipad money

Yes, thirty to four hundred million dollars in bond money is being spent in one California city for iPads alone.

So, what could go wrong?

Ipad child broken

“We have a number of upgrade, modernization and improvement projects that exceed $7 billion,” Walsh said. “It is a matter of prioritizing what the issues are. The facilities people have been having conversations with stakeholders.” Other California cities, and even Texas cities, are mentioned in the full article HERE. Notice all the highly paid financial and technical advisers, bond counselors and other middle men. Insane spending. Waste.

One sane person has been writing for years about this insanity being characterized by main stream media as logical. Read HERE. But, with the profits to be made by the select few from this scam, no sanity seems to be on the horizon. Needless to say, the money is not being wisely spent. Politicos and corporate front men claim it is being spent for the benefit of consumers (the name used for our children as students) and maintaining America’s educational standing in the world. Nonsense.

This insane spending of tax dollars for the profit of corporate technology suppliers is truly bipartisan – liberal Democrats and Tea Party conservatives alike  are spending billions of dollars of much needed education dollars on technology produced by wealthy contributors to campaign funds.

Scott CC

In order to see the sheer craziness in spending these vast sums on technology training, please watch this six second video. This is a woman who reenters the job market after a 30 year absence.

Some corporate people will profit from the sale of technology as the solution to all educational problems.

Ipad money2

But what is the reality for taxpayers and students?

Ipads broken

There is really only one question about this entire situation.
Why aren’t these tax thieves in jail?


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