Common Core and Dr. Strangelove

Have you ever seen the movie Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb? There is a scene where a wild-eyed gung-ho pilot joyfully rides a nuclear bomb to his own destruction – “Whoop-whooping!” in glee all the way. The whole bombing situation was due to a major screw-up, but he was unaware of it.


Well, today there was an actual program (no photoshop) posted by someone on Facebook’s  Opt Out of the State Test. Here is the cover of a school district’s program. Common Core Learning Standards: How will they impact my child’s instruction? uses an ironically similar image.

Common Core Dr Strangelove

Please notice that this program is printed with the same degree of care, planning and practical usefulness as as the invalid (70% failure rate) and unreliable (for-profit corporations writing new stuff yearly) high stakes tests that are based on CCSS. The name and address of the school district are missing, but the “leaders” are listed.

Sure, sure. The people receiving this flier/cover probably know what they need to know and where to go. This, of course, is the same mindset as the Common Core State Standards people who have foisted their product on adults across America via infomercials and well paid expert talking-heads on TV news shows. That’s how propaganda works. They should all feel ashamed of the whole scam. Exploiting and experimenting on our children is shameful and abusive.

CCSS private

Please remember what CCSS is and who is actually profiting from it.

By the way, whatever parents attend this meeting in whatever school district this takes place in, please shame those people who put out this flier/cover. These school “leaders” expect better writing than this from our children. The “leaders” ought to do more than merely reintroduce the same “rah-rah” propaganda that CCSS has been spreading.

Parents: At the meeting, bring printouts from school districts, counties and states who are rejecting this whole profit making mess called Common Core State Standards. Hand them out to the audience and the school officials.


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