Parents – Now, as the school year begins, is the time to protect our children from abuse.

We parents protect our children against abuse from any source. Why should a flood of propaganda paid for by multinational mega-corporations stop us from protecting our children? We are the parents; we protect our children.

DeNiro and child YOU

As the school year begins, our children are again being abused by insane levels of high stakes testing. Are we parents willing to surrender our children’s childhoods in exchange for test scores? Tests are fine. Constant high stakes testing is destructive.

Why are our families subjected to this abuse? Senseless tasks? Arguments? Tears? Sense of failure and worthlessness? Days of stress and nights of nightmares?

Why tolerate this abuse? Well, we can stop this abuse.

United Opt-Out shows us how to stop the child exploitation and get positive results. We have the right to refuse high stakes testing of our children.


Click here to find out how to refuse testing and get positive educational results for our children in the early school years.

Click here to discover what we can do at any age level.
State by state guides are available here.

Click here to to learn how to get tough and stop the abusive threats from authoritarian figureheads who attempt push-back to our refusal.

Click here to understand that Common Core is corporate owned and controlled.

Click here for an entire packet of information that shows we know what we are doing. We know how to do it. We can share it with others who will then know how to do it.

Protecting our children from abuse doesn’t end at the beginning of preschool, third grade or high school. Public authority figures and legislators individually or collectively have no right to abuse our children.

Now is the time to stop this craze and protect our children.
Protect our children.

That’s what we loving parents do.

Child and money3


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2 Responses to Parents – Now, as the school year begins, is the time to protect our children from abuse.

  1. I wholeheartedly, 100% support this movement. Ending testing will be the end of “reform”–especially those money-wasting, faulty “standardized” (they’re NOT–they’re neither valid nor reliable–read Todd Farley’s hilarious yet heartbreaking 2009 book, Making the Grades: My Misadventures in the Standardized Testing Industry, PoliPoint Press, available in {cheap!–$16.95 new} paperback; an easy, enjoyable 242 page read) Pear$$$on tests. You can find quotes from the book in Diane Ravitch’s new book, Reign of Error.
    Just one dumb ?, Ken–Robert DeNiro endorses U.O.O.– he agreed to have his image used-?
    Just wondering.

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