Choose a candidate yourself who serves our best interests.

Now is the time to organize and plan for the candidate for our next election.
Protect your child, your school, yourself and our nation. OUR nation. How?


Pro-Public-School. Pro-Certified-Teacher. Pro-Sane-Test/Evaluation Level.
Pro-“Meet the Needs of the Child.”
Local positions are the best place to start. School district, town, city, county levels of elected office. Find the spots that will allow us to locally get things working.

What we want in a candidate of choice:
Anti-Common Core State Standards
Anti-Privatization (tax money paid to corporations with the euphemism “public-private partnerships” and “effective education reform”)
Respect Teacher Pensions as fully earned Deferred Compensation
Anti-High Stakes Testing
Pro-Public School Funding
Pro-Teacher Professionalism
Anti-Corporate “Tax Incentivizing”- (corporate welfare)
Pro… YOU add to the list. You know what we need, now go out and find someone who believes in civic duty and working for common good.

Organize locally to select a candidate who does not answer to corporate dollars. Select from familiar party possibilities – only if they serve our best interests. -OR- Choose your own candidate by finding those who will serve our best interests. Do whichever works best, but we need grassroots candidates, not astro-turf candidates who simply want to cut-cut-cut no matter what. People who positively channel anger and frustration and who are willing to build, not tear down.

FB Candidate3

Advertise using 21st Century methods as well as word-of-mouth. Waiting until the two party hacks are selected and put on the ballot forces a “lesser of two evils” election choice. Act; do not react. Be part or all of the selection process. Do the paperwork; do the footwork.
(Let everyone know what you are doing, and you might even find one of the two major parties are willing to endorse someone who can do it. Rather than looking over their gerrymandered shoulders worrying about a primary election upset or an independent who outdoes them in the election, the two parties may prefer to help rather than oppose you.)


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