Teachers, public employees and retirees have been chumped by…

“In other words, if you are a liberal—a member of the Democratic ‘base’—you just got played,” writes Thomas Frank, columnist for Harper’s Magazine and a book reviewer for bookforum.com.

Obama Duncan JBush

In his review of the new book by Jonathan Alter, The Center Holds, Frank discovers some direct evidence of this. The book is not Fox News hate mongering. As a matter of fact, “His framework is simple: to lionize Barack Obama and to slag his ‘enemies’ in the Republican Party… As a result, the book feels intensely and even embarrassingly partisan.”

Prior to the 2012 election, the Obama team felt a very real need to regain his voter base that had been deteriorating. “’Reenergizing the base was tough,’ Alter writes. Fortunately, however, Obama got an assist in this task from right-wing governors such as Scott Walker of Wisconsin and John Kasich of Ohio, whose wars on public-employee unions and their pensions ‘proved to be powerful motivators for the base.’ Clever Obama campaign people noticed the anger that these Republicans had stirred up, and they used it to organize voters on the ground.”

Frank focuses on those elements which escape from a book that is meant to highlight what a superb election campaign this became – as the actual betrayal of Obama voters proceeded. “Then, on page 161, we learn that while Obama was happy to pocket the electoral dividends that these state-level controversies generated, he wasn’t truly upset with governors who attacked the pensions paid to members of public-employee unions. ‘Months before Scott Walker was elected governor of Wisconsin, Obama told aides that pensions had become ridiculous—they’re bankrupting the states.’ In fact, as Alter continues, Obama sort of wanted to pull a Scott Walker of his own; he hoped ‘to reform the federal pension system’ with the idea of slashing retirement benefits for federal workers, and he ‘reviewed federal sick day rules’ to see how those workplace gains might be cut as well.”

Rich goes on to glean this admission in this book, a book intended to glorify President Obama and his reelection team. “Alter relates in passing that Obama and his education secretary (Arne Duncan) ‘were fed up with teachers union traditionalists’ and wanted to build a coalition to fight them.”

Obama Duncan 2

The attempts to dismantle public education always begin by attacking teachers – past and present. Reduce salaries, fire teachers for invalid reasons or no reason at all, and even steal the contracted and promised deferred compensation (pensions) of dedicated teachers who fully served the children left in their care. (Read The Shock Doctrine and Retirement Heist for details.) Read Frank Rich’s full article HERE.


(Disclosure: My wife and I spent days registering voters in primarily Democratic areas in Florida in order to help President Obama win a second term as president. In spite of the fact that it is the Illinois Democrats who are leading the pillage of teacher pensions there, I read, and believed, that Obama had our best interests in mind. Florida went to Obama thanks to all the newly registered and re-registered voters. I played a small part in that victory. As a retired teacher from Illinois, I was led to believe certain things. I now feel betrayed.)


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4 Responses to Teachers, public employees and retirees have been chumped by…

  1. Patricia Herrmann says:

    And so after the 2012 election when the polls said the vast majority of Americans said their first priority was jobs, Obama and the leaders in Congress talked only about the deficit…an idea that Cheney/Bush said didn’t matter when Bush was in power. And Obama keeps bringing up the idea of a grand bargain that would cut the safety net, Medicare and Social Security. And he never really favored a public option and didn’t breathe a word about single payer in healthcare despite the fact the public wanted it. Both parties ignore the wishes of the people because the 1% is in charge and they want to decimate unions. Card Check? Has that even been mentioned since 2008? Would you have to look it up?

    • Ken Previti says:

      Regarding Card Check: ”

      Barack Obama supports the bill. An original co-sponsor of the Employee Free Choice Act, then-Sen. Obama urged his colleagues to pass the bill during a 2007 motion to proceed: I support this bill because in order to restore a sense of shared prosperity and security, we need to help working Americans exercise their right to organize under a fair and free process and bargain for their fair share of the wealth our country creates. The current process for organizing a workplace denies too many workers the ability to do so. The Employee Free Choice Act offers to make binding an alternative process under which a majority of employees can sign up to join a union. Currently, employers can choose to accept but are not bound by law to accept the signed decision of a majority of workers. That choice should be left up to workers and workers alone. See link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Card_check

      • Patricia Herrmann says:

        I support Card Check too. When it comes down to it, Obama doesn’t support unions. He said nothing when thousands were in the streets of Wisconsin fighting back against Walker’s union busting.

  2. Jeffrey Canady says:

    I think President Obama is sick of racist union opportunist like Randi Weingartern!! Randi is not unions just one union opportunist!!

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