Education Reform Sociopaths: Diagnosis and Cure

When people are told craziness by elected officials and have it repeated on established media outlets on a regular basis, reality recedes and craziness becomes the norm.

Does your state have elected officials who display sociopathic behavior? Florida has a super red majority in both the senate and house along with a Republican Tea Party appeasing governor. Illinois has a super blue majority in both the senate and house along with a Democratic Party appeasing governor. (Sociopath defined HERE.)
Both states pass identical and similar ALEC written legislation. Your state also does this whether you are aware of it or not. (ALEC is the American Legislative Exchange Council, a private group funded by billionaires and multinational mega-corporations.)

The destruction by these elected sociopaths extends to driving people and businesses away from the states that elected officials have sworn to serve.

Below is new construction in Florida that “welcomes” visitors. A building that looks as though it has “fallen from the sky” and landed as the new Welcome Center. The largest sector of the state’s economy is from visitors/tourism. The main problems with Florida are hurricanes, tornadoes, and tropical storms. This is legislatively approved sociopathic behavior.

Florida welcome

Below is what “welcomes” people entering Illinois on signboards from interstate boundary lines, airports and train stations. The main problems in Illinois are loss of population and industrial jobs. This is legislatively approved sociopathic behavior.

IL Broke

Parents, of course, are most vulnerable in the way their children are treated or mistreated. Does your state have sociopathic legislators claiming that the only way to save public schools is to destroy public schools?

Florida has a corruption-destruction scandal that reads like a TV soap opera starring Tony Bennett. Read HERE.

Not content with falsely claiming that schools are failing and rigging high stakes test scores by arbitrarily deciding failure rates, these politicians claim we need to defund and deregulate public schools until they cannot function. Starve the Beast. The Shock Doctrine.

Rahm Emanuel in Chicago claims he needs to sell Midway Airport to foreign investors to pay for teacher pensions. This nefarious Dr. No scenario unfolds daily in Illinois. Precious little mention of previous legalized theft or misappropriation of funds (underfunding) leaks into this reporting. Read HERE and HERE.

In spite of reality, the Education-Industrial Complex funds politicos who tell us that elderly, retired, greedy teachers are bankrupting their school districts, towns, cities and states. (NOTE: Retirement funds are NOT losing money in reality. HERE.)

The multimillion dollar legislative giveaways to billionaire donors and mega-corporations are ignored or minimized. The pension fund pseudo-disease mysteriously occurs everywhere at once; scams are like that. Read about the created pandemic of teacher pension crises HERE and HERE. Sociopathic behavior abounds.

Why do we tolerate this?
REGARDING CORPORATE EDUCATION REFORM, most people are unwilling or unable to face the new reality of plutocratic governance.  They will believe the worst of the other political party but believe none of the truth about their own party. “If my political party says that is the only thing to do, well my family has always voted (fill in the blank) because my party has always (fill in example from any time before the Supreme Court’s appointment of a president and prior to the declaring that free speech is money, the Citizens United decision) and (mention a great president from the previous century), and this is proof enough of (fill in whatever) for me.”

Denial is a dangerous thing. It is very difficult to realize that our traditional political allegiances have become corrupted and destructive. Both parties serve big money donors – not you, not us.

Until we all figure out that party affiliation is meaningless (regarding corporate education reform) in a country that elects candidates who serve the monied few who donated to their campaigns, we will all continue to decline. Education, financial security, income, citizen rights, etc. What is happening and what can we do about it?

Read Mike Lofgren’s The Party is Over: How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless, and the Middle Class Got Shafted. Order it HERE.

What is actually happening with public schools and the attack by corporate education deformers? Neither political party supports public schools or true school reform. Both parties define school reform as their corporate donors define it – monetize children. What can we do about it?

Read Diane Ravitch’s The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education. Order HERE.

Better yet, read Diane Ravitch’s new book to be released on Sept. 17, 2013 The Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools. Advance order HERE.

Most important is Ravitch’s new book which is already being attacked prior to publication by every power under the Education-Industrial Complex. She must have hit a nerve, and she must have some valid solutions that do not monetize children or create profits for the hedge fund managers.


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