The school with no name. The child with no name.

The school with no name
The child with no name
The parent with no name
The library with no name
The community with no name

The community center with no name no longer exists. It was intentionally demolished, erased from the face of the earth for political expediency and reasons of personal financial profit by behind the scenes contractors and investors. In America.

The venerable Chicago Tribune newspaper gives no names to any of the above. This was the Tribune’s online coverage of the event that crushed the heart of “community” for children, parents and neighbors.

Tribune header
Tribune school with no name

“a field house” “Near West Side” “Protestors at field house demolition”

To dehumanize the entire situation is not what is expected of an American newspaper and all of its attendant media services. Would you bother to read this nonentity of an article based on its front page digital site? You can see that there is no one of particular note mentioned regarding this non-place or the dehumanized non-event.

You have seen this where you live as well. All of the victims of the nationwide War Against Public Education have been subjected to this dehumanized corporate media coverage, if they received any coverage at all. The enormously wealthy and powerful Corporate-Industrial Complex minimize your/our efforts. When you and your neighbors have signed petitions and attended rallies or public meetings, how well and how accurately were your efforts and issues reported? How were you minimized, diminished or ignored? How much follow-up was covered? You were disenfranchised to one degree or another, and you know it.

Let’s humanize what happened. Well, this is the modest community center located on the property of the school as a field house.

The Whittier School is in the Pilsen District of Chicago’s Near West Side. La Casita is the modest field house and community center which has its own small community based library since the public library and the school library had already been defunded and closed by Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Rahm of the 50 school closings. Rahm who gives away hundreds of millions of tax dollars to wealthy campaign donors and their projects – a common occurrence today in every state. Yes, also YOUR state.
The UN has been asked to examine this devastation for human rights violations. Read HERE. Read Mike Klonsky’s blog HERE for Rahm Emanuel’s duplicity.)

Health centers and mental health facilities had already been reduced or cut out. This is one more slash administered as the savagery of destroying communities and the people in them for profit and privatization continues in Chicago and elsewhere in the nation. Hedge fund managers know what this is about. Starve the Beast. Cut. The Shock Doctrine. Obscene profits.

Read the CTU article lists HERE and for lots of links to the battle that Pilsen’s people have fought for their own community.
The children, moms, dads, uncles, aunts, friends and neighbors all have names. They all have lives, strengths, weaknesses, loves, hopes, dreams and abilities. Their present circumstances are modest by any measurement, but each is as important in the grand scheme of things as you or your child are. The Tribune called them “protestors.” There is no way that petty noun could covey who all of these people are or what they mean to each other and their community.

These are not the poor, the middle class, the minority or any other collective term. When your school, community center, home, or child are determined to be profitable by multinational mega-corporate investors, you will know that we are all in this together.

Their community is your community. Their school is your school. Their child is your child.

Their “little shared home”, La Casita, is your little home.

Here is the event, silently in photos.


LaCasitaRahmAmerica’s most powerful Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Please remember that we all have each other. We are not alone. We need to organize and act rather than merely react. Act locally. Act nationally. Seek and become support. Refuse to be willing and nameless victims. Refuse to allow your children to be victims.
Refuse to allow OUR children to be victims of the Education-Industrial Complex.
Refuse to allow high stakes testing, rigged test scores, closed schools, media spin-doctors, appointed school boards, appointed education czars, corrupt and corrupting politicians, and the billionaires who own them to abuse our children.


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3 Responses to The school with no name. The child with no name.

  1. Also, Ken, did you see the article about the removal of Jesse Owens’ name from the school that was shuttered? Except–it wasn’t–it will be reopened as an early childhood center (or Pre-K-K).
    It was renamed for the school that the rest of the students will be relocated to–Gompers (and–that in & of itself is ironic, Samuel Gompers having been a great union organizer–& we all know what CPS thinks of unions!). So, can someone please tell me what sense one can make from the removal (for no reason whatsoever) of a great man’s name? Disgraceful, as is everything else that is happening in CPS.

  2. Patricia Herrmann says:

    Yes, Ken. Your description is so appropriate. The powerful use ideas about Taylorism efficiency to close public schools. And then they dehumanize those hurt to obscure the damage they do to communities. They say closing schools is to give parents a choice about the education of their children while they destroy the choice of the parents to send their children, all of their children in their family to a neighborhood school. Those who use numbers to describe children would pick and choose which children they want for their charter schools so as to maximize profits for investors. The only ones with a choice are investors, charters, not the parents. It is the children who are monetized and reduced to become the consumer products and consumers of the future. Dystopian.

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