Diane Ravitch’s new book was preemptively attacked. Wow!

Peter Cunningham, a professional spin-doctor, today attacked Diane Ravitch and her yet to be published book, The Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools. Wow! she must have hit a nerve!

reign of error

There is no doubt that with his governmental and political connections Cunningham is privy to monitored information gathered by means of modern surveillance.

“I served as Assistant Secretary for Communications and Outreach in the U.S. Department of Education, where one of my jobs was to monitor criticism of our policies and develop our responses… I understand that Dr. Ravitch is about to publish another book attacking education reform. She will go after my good friend Arne Duncan.”

Cunningham goes on to “predict” the evils of her book-to-be.

“She will call on America to invest more in fighting poverty, as if we have not spent tens of trillions of dollars fighting poverty since the New Deal and the Great Society and will spend tens of trillions more… Worst of all, she will use poverty as an excuse to avoid any responsibility on the part of the federal government, states, districts, schools and educators — collectively — to somehow do a better job of educating poor kids.”

Treating her as a certain enemy of the people in the ongoing War on Terror, he concludes by stating, “But we can never, ever retreat.”
See the full attack HERE.

Wow! Propaganda 101 was never better. George Orwell could learn a bit from Peter. The Heritage Foundation must be proud of him, too.
But, he’s only following orders – doing his scurrilous job of character assassination. Hey, the guy’s got to make a living somehow.

Personally, I can hardly wait to read Diane Ravitch’s new book!

We can advance-order it at Amazon HERE.

It simply has to be terrific and true in order to elicit this nasty preemptive strike from a professional of Cunningham’s “caliber.”


For only $14.99 order more copies for your friends and neighbors! After all, weren’t we told to spend money to stir the economy and create jobs or the terrorists will win?


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4 Responses to Diane Ravitch’s new book was preemptively attacked. Wow!

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  3. concerned educator says:

    Amazon is probably under orders to start a list of those buying the book!!

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