Communist China and Chicago Democrats bulldoze schools for private profit

Democratic Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is following the same thuggish cruelty as Communist China. Bulldozing a school and destroying a community, even though residents had recently received a written agreement that this would not happen. Rahm is going one step further than the Tea Party Republican methods used in other states and cities for dismantling public education in order to profit his investor buddies and campaign contributors.  This is all out war against public education as land grabs and other forms of corruption thrive.

This is not education reform. This is savagery.

Whittier bulldozed

“In a brazen fascist move reminiscent of the midnight destruction of Meigs Field, Murder Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Schools CEOBarbara Byrd-Bennett have dispatched the Chicago Police to protect a demolition crew ordered to tear down La Casitacommunity center on Friday night August 16, 2013. La Casita is on the grounds of (the recently closed) Whittier Elementary School.” Read Daily Kos HERE.

CPS is a liar, nothing but liars. They made a promise, and now they creep in in the middle of the night. Why now? Why at night? So no one sees this betrayal, this hypocrisy,” community member Chris Gevanis told the Chicago Sun-times. Read  HERE for this article and links to many others.

In Communist China, this is what is done.

China bulldoze

“The takeover… is proceeding at a rapid pace, with most of the land later resold to private Chinese companies at a higher price than the price offered in compensation.”
“The property, located in Koktatchiliq hamlet of the Igerchi village outside Aqsu city in Xinjiang, had been targeted by the city government as part of a larger site chosen in 2008 for the construction of a middle school.” Read HERE.

“But to make way for the thousands of glass and steel high-rises, vast swathes of old buildings have been swept aside – some of considerable historical interest. In the process, critics say, the cities could lose the sense of community.” Read HERE.

Why is this behavior definitely based in greed and corruption?

Tax breaks Illinois

Barbara-Byrd-Bennett jail

Give millions to who? From the politicos and appointees to the pockets of the billionaires behind it all.

What about the children?

charter school student



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