What is behind the high stakes testing failure rate?

The Education-Industrial Complex is not a future threat to our children. It is here and now.

In full cooperation with state and federal legislators of both political parties, our tax money pays for testing corporations to create “secret” tests guaranteed to have a 2/3 failure rate for our children. This profitable system is then used as proof positive that public schools are failing, public school teachers are failing, and your child is a failure. A nine year old loser – labeled for the world to see. A teenage loser who cannot hope for success. Failures before they even have a chance to face life.

What’s behind this? Follow the money.

The Education-Industrial Complex knows the solution. Give them more money for more testing and more scripted instruction and more charters for profit and more evaluation materials for teachers and more, more, MORE. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

cash behind back

Norman R. Augustine, former Military-Industrial Complex leader when he was CEO and chairman of Lockheed Martin Corporation, is now appointed chairman of the National Academies’ congressionally mandated review of U.S. competitiveness. (I am not making this up.) With his total ignorance of educating children, he proudly supports the Education-Industrial Complex which he now fronts for. He even states, “Having visited schools in other countries where a single five-day examination can determine a student’s future, I understand how tests can sometimes constitute cruel and unusual punishment.” However, we can work around that somehow, someway, sort of, probably, because – we are America. Read HERE.

Of course, Jeb and the Bush Dynasty, including those insidious tax-free foundations with serious sounding names, are grabbing and pocketing immense sums from education funds while using their political clout and money schmoozing manners in Florida, New Mexico, Maine, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Louisiana and Maine. Thousands of emails pave this money trail. Read HERE. There’s even plenty of money to grease the palms of ex-Indiana, ex-Florida, education puppet-master Tony Bennett and his wife. Yes, spouse paying is the latest thing and sort-of legal, too. Read HERE.

The Corporate Child Abuse laws written by ALEC and its billionaire financiers play a big part in this “cruel and unusual punishment” of your children. Read a whole list of this paid-for legislation HERE.

But wait. What’s the “secret” test thing about?

When the Education-Industrial Complex creates tests, scores, results and then publishes its super-duper conclusions, teachers and parents don’t get to read the tests and/or share the specifics. Your kids are failures and nobody knows why? Even you child is not allowed to see what he or she got right or wrong. The materials are copyrighted and anyone reading, copying or distributing the actual materials will be subject to fines and imprisonment. (You know I’m not making this up.)

As a matter of fact, 4,000 Virginia students were just told, “Oops!” Pearson was so far off base, it had to fess up to that screw-up – while still getting paid and having its contract intact. Read HERE. Google around to find even more gross things Pearson was forced to confess to.

So, what can you do about this? How can you save your son or daughter from legislative/corporate child abuse?

Refuse the tests. Say, “NO!”

Yes, it is your legal right. No, you cannot believe those who tell you otherwise. No, it is not pleasant or easy. So what? Protect your child from abuse.

How? United OPT-OUT is the source for state to state sample letters and information on what words to use and not use. Read HERE for more powerful information than you will ever need.

Don’t wait until your child is suffering the abuse. Assert yourself and protect your child.

In your heart, your child will always be this age. As a mom or dad, your job is to protect your child. No corporate entity has the right to harm your baby.

sleeping baby


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3 Responses to What is behind the high stakes testing failure rate?

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Ken. If there are no students to take the test, then the charade stops.
    Lest any readers forget, this is what happened when the Seattle Garfield H.S. Teachers, themselves, opted out of giving the test! The parents supported them, and opted their kids out (I believe that it was something like 97%–? Mike Klonsky’s Small Talk Blog had the percentage).
    Since teachers refused to give the tests, administrators were told to do so. However, so few actually took the test, there was no…data! Parents, Opt Out NOW–THIS year. Yes, WE can and yes we WILL!

  2. D says:

    “The Education-Industrial Complex!?” Really? Forgive me if I misinterpreted your article. I read it a couple times, and I agree inasmuch as the arbitrary and sometimes bigoted way we emphasize standardized testing, but your “follow the money” idea led your readers to the wrong conclusion. I know testing has been around for a great while, but it is not the educators, the schools, or even elected officials that are profiting.Let’s start with Margaret Spelling. Spelling wrote TAAS the standardized test for the greatest gap-widening legislation to hit Texas since the Alamo. She followed GWB to The White House and renamed it No Child Left Behind, and the gap drove a national Grand Canyon between the haves and the have nots. This coupled with looser restrictions for charter and voucher programs drained enrollment in several states. You want to follow the money? Then look at the fine print in credits for movies like “Waiting for Superman” and “Won’t Back Down.” These are union-busting thugs, namely a group called StudentsFirst, interested in one thing. Privatization. Why? Prisons. Prisons create jobs and lock away the bad guys. Schools cost taxpayer money. Don’t get me wrong; it’s time to point the finger at standardized testing, but the other three fingers are pointing in the wrong direction.

    Thanks for listening.



  3. Meg Norris says:

    These tests have all been written by a handful of psychometricians who have purposefully written tests that are not reliable nor valid. In doing so they have called for additional “testing” of the tests. These “field tests” are nothing more than experimentation on children without parental consent. The field test results are then returned to these scientists for more “research” development. AIR is the worst. Pearson is a close second.

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