The costs and profits of school closings: 2 dead, 14 wounded on one Sunday alone

How much profit is being made by closing schools? Yes, profit.

In Chicago as 50 schools are being closed for lack of funds, Mayor Emanuel is giving away hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks and incentives to his campaign contributors and assorted politically connected organizations. He even gave away over $77 million in cash from the “education fund” for another basketball arena for a private Catholic university, DePaul. But, much bigger profits are being made by his insider buddies who are gobbling-up the blighted property and lands for pennies on the dollar. There will be plenty of land for new railroad yards, plus lots of gentrification projects and hotels (location-location-location) – once these targeted areas are gutted and emptied. Emptied of people.


Close 50 schools and force children to cross horrific landscapes of crime-riddled killing fields – no exaggeration. Increase or ignore the blight and create the profit potential. This Sunday afternoon and night 14 people were wounded and 2 were killed. One was directly beneath a designated “Safe Passage” sign. Read HERE  and  HERE.

(Disclosure: One 18 year old girl was wounded while walking with her aunt. A gun was fired somewhere in the distance on 71st and Wood St. on Chicago’s south-side. That is two blocks from where I lived with my grandparents for many years. I played Chicago softball on that corner on many, many summer days. The annual summer procession for the feast of St. Mary of Mt. Carmel gathered there for grand celebratory fireworks displays. This makes for a very bitter irony.)


Well, the profits being made are slowly coming to light. But at what cost? The deaths and maiming of the human collateral damage who remain in the way.

The police were brutal enough to attack non-violent protesters at the recent ALEC birthday party at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel.The corrupting and corrupted super wealthy do not like people who annoy them.

Chicago cop punches non-violent protestors at ALEC

A mere few blocks away, what happens? The butchery continues as the Shock Doctrine is played out for the profits of the very few at the expense of the taxpayers. The final costs are the deaths and crippling of the “little people” – including the school age children of Chicago.

Tax breaks Illinois

No tolerance should be shown to the corrupt political machine that trades money for crimes against humanity. The carnage and greed must stop – or America will no longer be America.


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2 Responses to The costs and profits of school closings: 2 dead, 14 wounded on one Sunday alone

  1. …not to mention the $363 million that was borrowed at the end of FY 2013 to finance the school closings.

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