ALEC is NOT about political party affiliation. Attend ALEC’s Birthday Party.

ALEC is a private organization funded by corporate billionaires. ALEC writes legislation for state and federal legislators. ALEC’s purpose is to write legislation that profits its corporate international investors.

ALEC B-day7

Even though YOU were not invited, attend ALEC’s 40th Birthday Party.

ALEC’s purpose has nothing to do with civic duty or fairness or justice for all.
Purpose? $$$$$$$$$$$$$ for investors – foreign and domestic.
Privatize it; profit from it. Take private profits from public tax monies.

ALEC is NOT about political party affiliation.

ALEC and its international billionaire backers purchase the legislative votes of both Republicans and Democrats. Even though Tea Party Republican legislators proudly extoll their own membership in ALEC, politicians of All Shades of Grey rely on ALEC’s money, connections and bill writing proposals. Read HERE.

ALEC creates havoc. ALEC writes legislation for: school closing, teacher firing, high stakes testing, environmental polluting, earth fracking, pension pillaging, and anything else that makes profits for their billionaire members. (In spite of the press releases posing as front page news, there is no pension crisis – but there is plunder in the air. See Paul Krugman’s article HERE.)

On the federal level, a bill to fund the Departments of Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development blew up in the House Republicans’ faces on Wednesday. “With this action, the House has declined to proceed on the implementation of the very budget it adopted just three months ago,” House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers said. “Thus, I believe that the House has made its choice: sequestration – and its unrealistic and ill-conceived discretionary cuts – must be brought to an end.” Read HERE.

In Illinois, as in other Democratic super-majority controlled states, the swath of austerity-for-profit legislation flourishes. “With the infiltration of state legislatures including ours, hundreds of ALEC’s model bills and resolutions have been carved into “mainstream” policy through the wealth and will of Charles and David Koch. ALEC gives the Kochs a way to make their brand of free-market fundamentalism legally binding. Koch Industries top lobbyist was once ALEC’s chairman. As a result, the Kochs have shaped legislation touching every state in the country.” See activist Jerry Ryberg’s letter HERE.

Rather than bothering with the paid political stooges dressed as elected officials, pay attention to ALEC. Even though YOU were not invited, attend their 40th Birthday Party. Let them know what YOU have to say to and about ALEC and their international profiteers.

ALEC B-day5




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4 Responses to ALEC is NOT about political party affiliation. Attend ALEC’s Birthday Party.

  1. Despite their claims to reject the common core, ALECs finger prints are all over it:

  2. Perhaps they–in the style of Marie Antoinette–will toss us (out in the streets) some of their birthday cake?

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